Statistics Canada
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Message from the Chief Statistician

I am pleased to present the 2010 to 2013 Integrated Business and Human Resources Plan for Statistics Canada. This plan complements the Corporate Business Plan, which describes how Statistics Canada conducts its business, the challenges it faces and the approaches it has adopted to manage these challenges over the next three years.

Statistics Canada has a mature and effective governance and management structure that ensures an integrated approach to strategic priority setting, decision making and accountability. This is recognized by our strong ratings in the latest round of the Management Accountability Framework ratings in such areas as Effectiveness of Organizational Contribution to Government-wide Priorities, Effectiveness of Information Technology Management and Excellence in People Management.

The key to aligning our strategic outcome, goals, resources and results has been our integrated business and human resources planning.

To continue meeting its strategic outcome, Statistics Canada has established a clearly defined business model, which has as its foundation Canadians’ expectation that Statistics Canada provide access to a trusted source of information. Trust can only be kept if the data Statistics Canada produces are relevant (consistent with the needs of the country) and of high quality (fully representative of the universe we are trying to capture). The Agency strives for organizational efficiency as a means of maximizing the flow of high-quality information.

The success of this integrated business and human resources plan rests with our most important resource, our people. None of what the Agency has achieved, or will achieve, would be possible without your contribution. I am confident that, together, we will continue with our commitment to maintaining an efficient, world-class statistical organization.

Wayne R. Smith, Chief Statistician of Canada