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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Crime and justice

Homicide in Canada, 2014

Police services reported 516 homicides in 2014, 4 more than in the previous year. The homicide rate, however, was stable in 2014 (1.45 per 100,000 population), making 2013 and 2014 the years with the lowest homicide rates since 1966. Almost a quarter (23%) of those 516 homicide victims were reported by police as Aboriginal, a group that accounted for just 5% of the Canadian population.

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Farm income, 2014

The realized net income of Canadian farm producers rose 23.0% to $7.7 billion in 2014, marking the fourth increase in five years. This follows a 0.7% decline in 2013. Gains in receipts outpaced higher operating expenses.

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Farm cash receipts, January to September 2015

Farm cash receipts for Canadian farmers totalled $42.6 billion in the first three quarters of 2015, up 1.6% from the same period in 2014. This was the fifth consecutive year-over-year increase in receipts for the January-to-September period. Gains in the first quarter (+4.3%) and third quarter (+3.5%) more than offset a 3.1% decline in receipts during the second quarter.

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Dairy statistics, September 2015

The volume of milk and cream sold declined 3.2% from September 2014 to 231 176 kilolitres in September.

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Railway carloadings, September 2015

The volume of rail freight carried in Canada totalled 28.2 million tonnes in September, down 4.1% from the same month last year.

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Air fares, 2014

Total air fares, domestic and international combined, averaged $243.70 in 2014, down 2.1% from 2013, reversing the upward trend recorded the previous year.

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Prices and price indexes

Machinery and Equipment Price Index, third quarter 2015

The Machinery and Equipment Price Index (MEPI) increased 5.4% in the third quarter, following a 0.8% decrease in the second quarter. The import component was up 6.4% over the period, while the domestic component rose 2.4%.

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Travel and tourism

Characteristics of international overnight travellers, 2014

Canadian residents made 33.5 million overnight trips abroad in 2014, spending $37.8 billion. Of these trips, 23.0 million were to the United States, accounting for $21.2 billion worth of spending.

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New products

Aviation: "Air Fares, Canadian Air Carriers, Level I", 2014, Vol. 47, no. 19

Catalogue number Catalogue number51-004-X2015019 (HTML | PDF)

Juristat, Vol. 35, no. 1

Catalogue number Catalogue number85-002-X (HTML | PDF)

New studies

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