Admissions to adult and youth correctional services in Canada, 2011/2012

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Additional data for 2011/2012 on adult and youth correctional services are now available for the provinces and territories reporting to the Adult Correctional Services survey and the Youth Custody and Community Services survey.

Available in CANSIM: tables CANSIM table251-0010 to 251-0017, CANSIM table251-0020 to 251-0022, CANSIM table251-0025, CANSIM table251-0026 and CANSIM table251-0028.

Definitions, data sources and methods: survey numbers survey number3306 and survey number3323.

The articles "Admissions to adult correctional services in Canada, 2011/2012" and "Admissions to youth correctional services in Canada, 2011/2012" are now available as part of the publication Juristat (Catalogue number85-002-X) from the Browse by key resource module of our website under Publications.

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