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Logging, 2013

Released: 2016-01-05

Total revenues for the logging industries reached $10.0 billion in 2013. Logging (except contract) accounted for $4.8 billion of this amount, while contract logging generated $5.3 billion.

Total salaries and wages amounted to $325 million in the logging (except contract) industry, while contract loggers generated $1.1 billion. Total salaries and wages, therefore, represented a larger proportion of total expenses for contract loggers (20.9%) than for loggers (7.1%).

The cost of materials and supplies accounted for 41.4% of total expenses for contract loggers, while they represented 64.5% for loggers.

The logging industries contributed $4.9 billion in revenues to British Columbia's economy in 2013. They contributed less than half of that amount in Quebec ($2.2 billion), and less than one-quarter in Ontario and Alberta, where revenues were close to $1 billion. In New Brunswick, they contributed $714 million, while the revenues from these industries were significantly lower in the other provinces.

Contract loggers accounted for close to three-quarters of the total revenues of the logging industries in Alberta, while they accounted for about half in Quebec and British Columbia. In New Brunswick, they represented one-quarter of the total revenues.

  Note to readers

Changes in methodology were made to the Annual Survey of Manufacturing and Logging Industries. Users should therefore use caution when comparing 2013 data with historical datasets. For more information on the methodology changes, consult the document Integrated Business Statistics Program in the Behind the data feature of our website.

With this release, CANSIM table 301-0009 is replacing CANSIM table 301-0007, which has now been terminated.

For the 2013 reference year, data from the Annual Survey of Manufacturing and Logging Industries are released at the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) level for selected variables. Beginning with this release, data are based on the 2012 NAICS.

In 2016, backcasted data for 2012 and revised data for 2013 will be released along with the estimates for 2014 and will include six additional variables.

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