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Natural gas transmission, storage and distribution, January 2017

Released: 2017-03-24

Natural gas transmission pipelines received 566.0 million gigajoules of natural gas from fields, gathering systems and plants in January, up 6.0% compared with January 2016. Seven provinces posted receipts, with Alberta (69.0%) and British Columbia (28.0%) holding the vast majority.

Natural gas transmission and distribution systems delivered 216.3 million gigajoules to industrial consumers, 112.5 million gigajoules to residential consumers and 87.3 million gigajoules to commercial and institutional consumers in January.

Provincial deliveries

In Alberta, January deliveries of natural gas amounted to 180.7 million gigajoules. The majority (72.3%) were delivered to the industrial sector. Alberta industrial deliveries accounted for 31.4% of the natural gas consumed in Canada. In January 2016, Alberta deliveries were 159.2 million gigajoules.

In Ontario, 127.5 million gigajoules of natural gas were delivered in January 2017. The residential sector received 43.9% of these deliveries, while the industrial and commercial sectors received 28.1% and 28.0%, respectively. In January 2016, Ontario deliveries were 124.3 million gigajoules.

Chart 1  Chart 1: Natural gas inventories
Natural gas inventories

Opening and closing inventories

Opening inventories of natural gas in Canadian facilities totalled 877.8 million gigajoules. Inventories decreased 13.8% in January to close at 756.9 million gigajoules, the fourth consecutive month of net withdrawals from storage.

Closing inventories in Western Canada decreased 7.0% to 524.1 million gigajoules, while closing inventories in Central Canada decreased 26.0% to 232.9 million gigajoules.

Exports and imports

Canada exported 304.6 million gigajoules of natural gas by pipeline to the United States in January, up 5.7% from January 2016. Imports of natural gas from the United States rose 44.0% to 95.5 million gigajoules, compared with January 2016.

  Note to readers

In January 2016, changes were made to the Monthly Natural Gas Transmission Survey and the Monthly Natural Gas Distribution Survey. In addition, the Monthly Natural Gas Storage Survey was introduced to provide measures on gas storage characteristics related to inventories and flows.

Storage data are now published in CANSIM table 129-0005, transmission data in CANSIM table 129-0006, and distribution data in CANSIM table 129-0007. CANSIM tables 129-0001, 129-0002, 129-0003 and 129-0004 will remain available for reference purposes.


Data on natural gas no longer correspond to marketable natural gas but represent natural gas from fields, gas-gathering systems and gas plants.

Natural gas deliveries (termed "sales" in releases prior to January 2016) include deliveries to industrial, commercial and institutional, and residential consumers.

Opening inventories correspond to inventories as of the first day of the reference month, while closing inventories correspond to inventories as of the last day of the reference month. For example, the reference period for the opening inventory in January was January 1, while the reference period for the closing inventory was January 31.

Pipeline fuel is used to power compressors to move gas through pipelines.

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