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Farm Financial Survey

Released: 2017-09-15

Data from the Farm Financial Survey for 2009 are now available. Data for 2009 were previously available with the lower boundary for inclusion of farms in the estimates, in terms of gross farm revenue, at $10,000. With this release, data for 2009 are also now available with the lower boundary of inclusion of farms in the estimate at $25,000. The series now contains four reference years, including 2015, the most recent reference year available. The lower boundary for inclusion changed to reduce the response burden on small farms by excluding them from the sample.

The Farm Financial Survey provides data on average farm assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, capital investments and capital sales for each reference year.

  Note to readers

Beginning with the 2015 reference year, the Farm Financial Survey used data from multiple data sources including survey data collected from respondents and administrative data from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Administrative data are used in a data replacement strategy for a large number of financial variables to avoid collection of these variables.

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