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Survey Methodology, December 2017

Released: 2017-12-21

The December 2017 online issue of Survey Methodology is now available. This issue contains one special paper discussing the past, present and future of sample surveys, followed by four short discussions of the paper, two regular papers and one short note.

Special paper

J.N.K. Rao and Wayne A. Fuller

Sample survey theory and methods: Past, present, and future directions

   Comments on the Rao and Fuller (2017) paper by Danny Pfeffermann

   Comments on the Rao and Fuller (2017) paper by Graham Kalton

   Comments on the Rao and Fuller (2017) paper by Sharon L. Lohr

   Comments on the Rao and Fuller (2017) paper by Chris Skinner

Regular papers

Jan van den Brakel, Emily Söhler, Piet Daas and Bart Buelens

Social media as a data source for official statistics; the Dutch Consumer Confidence Index

Mihaela-Catalina Anastasiade and Yves Tillé

Decomposition of gender wage inequalities through calibration: Application to the Swiss structure of earnings survey

Short note

Phillip S. Kott

A note on Wilson coverage intervals for proportions estimated from complex samples

  Note to readers

Since its launch in 1975, the peer-reviewed journal Survey Methodology has allowed researchers, statisticians, mathematicians and methodologists from around the world to share ongoing research in the field of survey techniques and their practical applications. The journal focuses on the development and evaluation of methodologies, as applied to data collection or to data themselves.

Historical papers from Survey Methodology are now available online. Electronic copies of any paper published since December 1981 (Volume 7-2) are available online in the Analysts and researchers module of our website. A few selected papers from Volume 1 to Volume 7-1 are also available online. All other papers can be obtained by contacting us at

All papers are refereed. However, authors retain full responsibility for the contents of their papers, and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the journal's editorial board or Statistics Canada.


The December 2017 issue of Survey Methodology, Vol. 43, no. 2 (Catalogue number12-001-X), is now available.

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