Chief Statistician's message

Canadians have come to know Statistics Canada as a world-renowned statistical agency that provides high-quality, timely and credible data that respond to their highest-priority information needs.

While Canadians use our data each and every day, most do not know about the innovative work and experimentation that we do—using satellite imagery to gather data on crop yields, web scraping to collect price information and crowdsourcing to map buildings—or that we are the best in the world for online census collection.

Both Canada and the world are evolving: the privacy landscape continues to change, Canadians are harder to reach for surveys, and the availability of private and public sources of administrative data is growing. Our users demand more detailed data on complex and quickly changing phenomena. In this dynamic environment, the need for more targeted, timely and detailed data, and for evidence-driven policy making, continues to expand.

A modern, sophisticated society requires a strong national statistical office. Accordingly, we are modernizing our infrastructure and putting in place the talent, methodology and legislative framework to meet the country's needs for today and for the future.

Finally, I am pleased that Statistics Canada is joining other federal departments and agencies in celebrating the country's 150th birthday. The agency will be engaging with Canadians through an ambitious Canada 150 program, which includes a speaker series, the Canada 150 Young Statisticians' Contest, a thematic blog and dozens of releases that depict Canada's history. The Canada 150 program will be conducted with a broad range of partners across the country, who will join us in "telling Canada's story in numbers."

I invite you to visit the agency's website to learn more about our many information products. Your feedback is always welcome.

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Anil Arora
Chief Statistician of Canada

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