Operating context: conditions affecting our work

A developed, democratic country such as Canada requires vast amounts of information to function effectively. Statistics provide Canadians with vital information to help monitor inflation, promote economic growth, plan cities and roads, adjust pensions, and develop employment and social programs. They help governments, businesses and individuals make informed decisions.

The value placed on data by every segment of society is growing at an exponential pace. At the same time, new tools and new computing power are emerging and multiplying the volume and types of information available.

As the demand for information increases along with its importance and availability, privacy concerns, call-screening technology and the busy lives of Canadians are making it harder to reach and obtain information from households. As a result, the agency is continually seeking out new and innovative approaches to meet emerging data needs.

As it innovates and modernizes, the agency will be well positioned to play a more active role in guiding and shaping this information age.

A key component of modernization will also involve extensive consultation with Canadians to ensure continued alignment with the needs and priorities of the country.

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