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Projecting the population September 17, 2014

Today, a new set of population projections were released by Statistics Canada.

They tell a story about what the population of Canada, the provinces and territories might be in 2038, as well as Canada’s projected population in 2063.

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Going paperless August 20, 2014

When Jean Talon conducted the first Census in New France during the winter of 1665–1666, the story is that he personally walked around and knocked on doors. Talon conducted his census on the de jure principle—that is, counting people where they normally reside.

Fortunately, he only had 3,215 people to count.

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July 16, 2014

There’s a knock on your front door. You wait, wondering if they will go away. Another knock. You pull back the curtain to check. Then, you slowly open the door.

Good news! It’s Statistics Canada!

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