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microdata May 20, 2015

Just how much do Canadians know about their finances? What are the immunization rates among children in Canada? How many Canadians use alcohol and tobacco? Every year, StatCan undertakes a number of special surveys, covering a wide range of issues relevant to Canadian society and its economy.

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Consultation des utilisateurs April 15, 2015

Statisticians, in the Hollywood view of life, are so consumed with number crunching that they get lost in the data, and find it hard to relate to the outside world. 

Life at StatCan, however, is quite different from the movies.

We never stop talking, asking, probing and sharing. We talk before, during, and after surveys― this creates dialogue. We ask questions about our questions―this provides feedback. We probe into how we are doing—this validates relevance. And we share what we discover—this adds value.

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a pencil March 18, 2015

Own a business in Canada? Small or large, chances are you have spent time completing a StatCan business survey. From one-person operations to huge corporations with world-wide networks, each business makes a difference to Canada's Gross Domestic Product as well as jobs, trade, tax distribution, and research and development.

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