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a pencil March 18, 2015

Own a business in Canada? Small or large, chances are you have spent time completing a StatCan business survey. From one-person operations to huge corporations with world-wide networks, each business makes a difference to Canada's Gross Domestic Product as well as jobs, trade, tax distribution, and research and development.

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une loupe sur un histogramme February 13, 2015

by Chief Statistician Wayne R. Smith

In recent months, news coverage has contained repeated errors of fact concerning Statistics Canada's labour statistics program. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight and to reassure data users and all Canadians that the Labour Force Survey program is every bit as robust today as it has ever been. It provides an excellent guide to labour-market conditions when used with an appropriate appreciation of how the data are produced and with a focus on trends rather than month-to-month changes.

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A gold star January 21, 2015

Ever wonder how to run a top national statistical agency? 

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the launch of the StatCan Blog, Chief Statistician Wayne R. Smith shares four elements needed to excel in the world of statistics:

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