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June 15, 2016

Statistics Canada has a long history of working with other organizations to improve statistical capacity. Providing program support and assistance is also central to the agency's commitment to international cooperation.

May 18, 2016
people walking, biking

This month, census letters and packages are arriving at households across Canada. In the North, collection activities began in February. In April, census representatives began visiting households in First Nations communities.

Whether you receive the long- or short-form census questionnaire, you might wonder why Statistics Canada is asking for this information. What is it used for?

April 20, 2016
A community

Ever wonder about your community's profile or how it differs from other Canadian communities? Need to move, and want to know what your new community looks like? Want information on the local job prospects, health status, demographic trends, aging, or level of satisfaction with life?

Statistics Canada can provide the data on all these topics, telling you a lot about your community.

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