Pay rates

CS: Computer Systems Group annual rates of pay (in dollars)

A registered Pension Plan, a Dental Care Plan, a Health Care Plan, a Disability Insurance Plan, and life insurance are included in the benefits of the employees of the Federal Public Service. As a new employee, you are entitled every year to 15 days of vacation leave, 15 days of sick leave, 5 days of leave for family-related responsibilities, 1 day's leave for personal reason and 1 day's leave for volunteer work. Up to 52 weeks of maternity/parental leave and up to 5 years of leave without pay for childcare and/or eldercare are also available.

Union affiliation

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) represents the CS group. All members of the group must pay dues to PIPSC for representational services, but actual membership in PIPSC is optional.

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