Training and development

New employees in Informatics who join Statistics Canada have the prospect of a challenging and rewarding career. As a new recruit, you will participate in a two-year development program during which you can expect two different project assignments. Your duties, performed on project teams with experienced professionals, could include the analysis, design, development, and enhancement of systems to produce statistical information and work with databases or security.

As a new recruit, you will receive formal and on-the-job training in both technical and subject matter areas relating to your assignments, as well as generalized training relevant to the agency as a whole.

Orientation to the Public Service

This session is sponsored by the Canada School of Public Service for employees newly appointed to the Public Service of Canada.

Orientation to Statistics Canada

This half-day course enables employees to get a general grasp of the Agency's activities so as to know their options and take full advantage of the career opportunities available to them.

The course covers the following topics: the Agency's mandate, guiding principles and changing role; the value and relevance of our work; the challenges we face; Human Resources Development at Statistics Canada; and Statistics Canada's organizational structure.

CS Technical Orientation Program

This one day program offers an overview of the CS Recruit Development Program and informatics services available at Statistics Canada, and describes a few major technology initiatives being implemented to support survey programs. Topics are presented by selected speakers who have significant experience at Statistics Canada on a variety of topics such as: Informatics Technology framework, System Project management, Security, Technical Infrastructure, Software Support and Informatics Training. Participation by the recruits is solicited throughout the program by open discussions, as well as question and answer periods. You benefit from the experience and knowledge of people who have contributed to the success of a number of informatics-related projects at Statistics Canada.

Technical training

Many forms of technical training are available. These include training provided by commercial vendors, Statistics Canada in-house courses, computer based training (CBT) and on-the-job training.

Language training

In-house second language training is available to all Statistics Canada employees.

Subject matter training

A number of courses on subject matter are offered on a regular basis.

Survey Skills Development Course

This is a six-week (full-time) course for professional employees. As part of a team, you will design and conduct a complete sample survey on a predetermined socio-economic topic. Steps include negotiation of an agreement with the client, questionnaire design, sample selection, data collection in the field, estimation and analysis of the survey results and presentation of the conclusions. This practical training is complemented by classroom sessions. This course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the full survey process and an appreciation for IT's contribution.


Employees are encouraged to move to new projects throughout their career to learn new technologies or to further develop their existing skills and competencies in a technology.

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