Work in Information Technology

Given the variety and specialized facets of the IT work done at Statistics Canada, the agency seeks to hire individuals who have both the knowledge and the abilities to function effectively in our unique work environment. Statistics Canada has also recognized that knowledge and abilities coupled with specific in-house training and practical work experience are the best means to develop a competent IT workforce that can contribute to fulfilling the agency's mandate.

Professional environment

Statistics Canada has approximately 800 CS professionals on staff, all consolidated within the Informatics Branch. Their collective knowledge and work experiences form an immense pool of expertise. As a recruit, you will find the consultation and exchange of ideas with your colleagues invaluable to your individual training and development.

Technological environment – application development

The software development process at Statistics Canada is very diverse. While some teams choose to use a more traditional approach, many have implemented an agile software development methodology, namely SCRUM or Kanban. These teams can range from three to over fifteen staff with experts covering numerous specialties such as business analysis, user experience design, testing, system architecture, database programming in addition to object-oriented programming. People are at their best when they have the best tools at their disposal. To that end, our staff are provided industry leading tools to perform their duties including: git, JIRA, Confluence, Team Foundation Server, Jenkins, Sonar, Visual Studio, Eclipse and/or IntelliJ.

Service-oriented architecture and object-oriented approaches are used in both design and development, with.Net and Java being the platforms of choice. Major software packages include SQL Server, Oracle and SAS.

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