Pay rates

Generally speaking, all candidates are hired at the MA-2 level. The starting salary of a mathematical statistician is $56,192. After 16 to 24 months experience at Statistics Canada, the salary reaches the first step of the MA-3 level. Annual pay increments then take place within the MA-3 level until the maximum salary is reached.

MA pay rates Footnote *
Level Position Promotion Pay rate
MA-2 MethodologistFootnote 1 Post-secondary recruitment $56,192
MA-3 Methodologist PromotedFootnote 2 from MA-2 typically after 16 to 24 months $68,410 to $80,594
MA-4 Senior Methodologist Selection process $81,686 to $95,271
MA-5 Senior Methodologist Selection process $95,696 to $108,664
MA-6 Section Chief Selection process $106,606 to $120,361
MA-7 Assistant Director Selection process $116,729 to $130,638
Footnote *

Effective October 1st, 2017. Subject to review.

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Footnote 1

Mathematical statisticians are called 'methodologists' at Statistics Canada.

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Footnote 2

These promotions are based on performance evaluation.

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