"I love my job at Statistics Canada! I have the opportunity to work with really knowledgeable peers on a variety of interesting and innovative projects. And all this while continuing my training in statistics and enjoying a great work life balance!"

Matei Mireuta, PhD, McGill University
MA-02, 2016 recruit

"Statistics Canada has a wonderful workplace culture that has allowed me to develop my skills as a methodologist in a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. The people at Statistics Canada challenge and support each other as producers of quality information, lifelong learners and dedicated professionals."

Patricia Judd, MSc, Memorial University of Newfoundland
MA-02, 2016 recruit

"At Statistics Canada, my projects allow me to work on many steps of the survey process using state-of-the-art statistical methods. Furthermore, it's easy to achieve a balance between my work and my personal life. I have access to flexible hours which gives me the opportunity to participate in various activities outside of work."

Émilie Mayer, BSc, Laurentian University
MA-03, 2014 recruit

"Working among the largest group of mathematical statisticians in Canada, I am able to interact with and learn from experts in various domains on a daily basis. This, along with the encouraged rotation between positions and the myriad training opportunities, are just some of the ways that a job at Statistics Canada provides unparalleled opportunities for career development in survey statistics."

Jacob Doering, BSc, University of Ottawa,
MA-03, 2014 recruit

"I enjoy very much the research and development aspects of my daily work that allow me to apply skills learned in university to prominent and innovative projects. Statistics Canada is an employer that also promotes wellness and active living at the workplace. I just love to come to work every day!"

Shuai Zhang, PhD, University of Alberta
MA-03, 2013 recruit

"I was glad to find a job that allows me to use all my skills acquired through my years in university. Innovative projects, excellent working conditions, plenty of opportunities for advancement… All this and I get to work with a dynamic group of people! I could not ask for better."

Chi Wai Yeung, BSc, University of British Columbia
MA-04, 2005 recruit

"The MA stream at Statistics Canada has given me not just a job, but a career. From junior to senior, I have been able to choose my path and work on projects that both interest and challenge me. I feel Statistics Canada has really invested in my development, even while starting a family."

Beatrice Baribeau, BMath, University of Waterloo
MA-05, 2004 recruit

"I've always had varied interests and skills: should I become an author, teacher or mathematician? I discovered that I could do all of that at StatCan, and even more! Not only have I become an expert in implementing the Bootstrap in surveys, but I also provide training on related technical subjects both at the Agency and externally."

Claude Girard MSc, University of Québec
MA-05, 1998 recruit

"The training offered at Statistics Canada has allowed me to keep learning since my first day on the job — in a wide range of areas including my second language and supervising skills as well as statistics and computer programming."

Steven Thomas, BSc, Memorial University of Newfoundland
MA-06, 1997 recruit

"My plan by joining Statistics Canada was to gain some work experience in statistics and then re-evaluate my options. Once there, I discovered a variety of projects available to me, all in a stimulating work environment rich with professional development opportunities. I was quickly won over and never thought of leaving. Statistics Canada was the right choice!"

Francois Brisebois, MSc, Laval University
MA-07, 1994 recruit

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