Training and development

Statistics Canada gives high priority to human resource training and development. Employees are encouraged to develop their interests and are supported throughout their career. Statistics Canada offers a complete, well-organized development program in both official languages. The following are some key elements of this program.

Survey Skills Development Course

All new employees participate in this six-week full-time course. Participants work in teams to design and conduct a complete sample survey on a predetermined socio-economic topic. Steps include negotiation of an agreement with the client, questionnaire design, sample design, data collection in the field, estimation, analysis of the survey results and presentation of the conclusions. This practical training is complemented by classroom sessions.

In-house courses

A number of courses on statistics and survey methodology are offered on a regular basis by guest instructors or experienced Statistics Canada employees. The courses cover both classical theory and the results of recent research. To provide technical and professional support, a complete range of courses is also offered on other subjects as varied as informatics, project management, employee supervision and presentation skills.

Seminars, Conferences, and Publications

Mathematical statisticians are encouraged to present the results of their work at seminars and at relevant conferences, and to submit articles to technical journals. In addition to publishing the journal Survey Methodology, Statistics Canada holds an annual symposium on a topical theme related to statistical methods.

University education

Statistics Canada encourages employees to continue their professional development by taking academic courses relevant to their job. Three universities in the Ottawa-Gatineau area allow employees to improve their knowledge. As well as regular courses offered by local universities, there are programs customized for Statistics Canada personnel. Furthermore, on occasion, Statistics Canada grants education leave to employees. These employees have the possibility of full-time education leave to pursue an additional university degree in statistics or a related field.

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