Find the latest information on smoking from Statistics Canada, including tables and articles. This guide is a selection of key resources and is not a complete list of our collection on this topic. Some of these resources may have been archived. This means that they have not been updated recently, but they are still the most recent information we have on this topic.

Tables on smoking
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Smokers, by sex, provinces and territories
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Summary table
Exposure to second-hand smoke at home by age group and sex Summary table
Exposure to second-hand smoke in vehicles and/or public places by age group and sex Summary table
Changes in smoking between 1994/1995 and 2004/2005, 2006/2007, 2008/2009 and 2010/2011, by sex Summary table
Publications and articles on smoking
Title Catalogue number
Smoking, 2014 82-625-X201500114190
Exposure to second-hand smoke at home, 2014 82-625-X201500114181
Current Smoking Trends 82-624-X201200111676
ARCHIVED - Dynamics of smoking cessation and health-related quality of life among Canadians 82-003-X201300211769
ARCHIVED - Smoking, smoking cessation and heart disease risk: A 16-year follow-up study 82-003-X201300211770
Additional resources on smoking
Title Details
11575_eng.pdf (PDF, 2.88 MB) Map
11568_eng.pdf (PDF, 2.89 MB) Map
British Columbia Smoking Survey Survey
Health Reports: Browse by subject: Smoking List of articles

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