Information technology

Web and Application Development

Adobe LiveCycle Designer: Creating dynamic PDF and HTML5 forms for desktop and mobile applications
Terry, J.P. & SmartDoc Technologies
ITC QA76.9.F48 T47 2014

Beginning XML databases
Powell, Gavin
ITC QA76.76.H94 P495 2007

Database systems: A practical approach to design, implementation, and management
Connolly, Thomas & Begg, Carolyn
ITC QA76.9.D26 C66 2010

Defensive database programming with SQL server
Kuznetsov, Alex
ITC QA76.9.D3 K89 2010

Designed for use: Usable interfaces for applications and the web
Mathis, Lukas & Steinberg, Jill
ITC QA76.9.U83 M37 2011

Don't make me think, revisited: A common sense approach to Web usability
Krug, Steve
ITC TK5105.888 K78 2014

Excel 2013 all-in-one for dummies
Harvey, Greg
ITC HF5548.4.M523 H36 2013

HTML manual of style: A clear, concise reference for hypertext markup language (including HTML5)
Aronson, Larry
ITC QA76.76.H94 A76 2011

Information technology project management: Providing measurable organizational value
Marchewka, Jack T.
ITC HD69.P75 M36 2015 ITC

Premières applications Web 2.0 avec Ajax et PHP
Defrance, Jean-Marie
ITC QA76.73.S67 D22 2008

Professional mvc 5
Galloway, Jon
ITC TK5105.8885.A26 P78 2014

The Red Gate guide to SQL server team-based development
Factor, Phil
ITC QA76.9.C55 S65 2010

Service design patterns: Fundamental design solutions for SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web services
Daigneau, Robert
ITC TK5105.88813 D35 2012

Smashing HTML5
Sanders, Bill
ITC QA76.625 S2593 2011

SOA and Web services interface design: Principles, techniques, and standards
Bean, James
ITC TK5105.88813 B43 2010

SQL, the complete reference
Weinberg, Paul; Groff, James & Oppel, Andrew
ITC QA76.73.S67 G75 2010

T-SQL fundamentals
Ben-Gan, Itzik
ITC QA76.73.S67 B36 2016


Apache Solr enterprise search server: Enhance your searches with faceted navigation, result highlighting, relevancy-ranking sorting, and much more with this comprehensive guide to Apache Solr 4
Smiley, David
ITC TK5105.884 S65 2015

Microsoft SQL server 2008 administration for Oracle DBAs
Anderson, Mark; Fox, James & Bolton, Christian
ITC QA76.9.D3 A6434 2011

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 administrator's reference: The administrator's essential guide
Hannifin, Dustin
ITC QA76.76.O63 H36 2010

Oracle SOA governance 11g implementation: Successfully implement SOA governance using Oracle SOA Governance Suite 11g with the help of practical examples and real-world use cases
Weir, Luis Augusto & Bell, Andrew
ITC TK5105.5828 W44 2013

Pro WF 4.5
White, Bayer
ITC QA76.625 W49 2013

Relevant search: With applications for Solr and Elasticsearch
Turnbull, Doug
ITC TK5105.884 T87 2016

Ubuntu unleashed
Helmke, Matthew; Hudson, Andrew & Hudson, Paul
ITC QA76.76.O63 U36 2011

Windows PowerShell 3.0 Step by Step
Wilson, Ed
ITC QA76.73.W56 W55 2013


C# in depth
Skeet, Jon
ITC QA76.73.C154 S42 2014

C# 4 : les fondamentaux du langage : développer avec Visual Studio 2010
Groussard, Thierry
ITC QA76.73.C15 G65 2010

Essential C# 6.0
Michaelis, Mark & Lippert, Eric
ITC QA76.73.C154 M5239 2016

Expert C♯ 2008 business objects
Lhotka, Rockford
ITC QA76.73.C154 L54 2009

Fluent Python
Ramalho, Luciano
ITC QA76.73.P98 R36 2015

An introduction to Stata programming
Baum, Christopher
ITC QA276.4 B37 2016

Java 8 in action: Lambdas, streams, and functional-style programming
Urma, Raoul-Gabriel; Fusco, Mario & Mycroft, Alan
ITC QA76.73.J38 U75 2015

Java EE 7: The big picture
Coward, Danny
ITC QA76.73.J38 C68 2015

Java: How to program
Deitel, Paul & Deitel, Harvey
ITC QA76.73.J38 D46 2012

Java persistence with Hibernate
Bauer, Christian; King, Gavin & Gregory, Gary
ITC QA76.64 B384 2016

jQuery in action
Bibeault, Bear; Katz, Yehuda & De Rosa, Aurelio
ITC QA76.73.J39 B42 2015

Le langage C++ : initiez-vous à la programmation en C++
Rao, Siddharta; Liberty, Jesse & Jones, Bradley
ITC QA76.73.C153 R3614 2012

Learning R
Cotton, Richard
ITC QA276.45.R3 C68 2013

Microsoft Visual C#
Sharp, John
ITC QA76.73.C154 S543 2015

Professional C# 2012 and .Net 4.5
Nagel, Christian
ITC QA76.73.C154 P768 2013

Programmer en Java
Delannoy, Claude
ITC QA76.73.J37 D45 2006

Programming Perl
Christiansen, Tom
ITC QA76.73.P22 C47 2012

Python for data analysis
McKinney, Wes
ITC QA76.73.P98 M42 2013

R for statistics
Cornillon, Pierre-André
ITC A276.45.R3 S7413 2012

Office suite (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)

Excel 2013 bible
Walkenbach, John
ITC HF5548.4.M523 W34 2013

Excel 2013 pour les nuls
Harvey, Greg
ITC HF5548.4.M523 H3614 2013

Excel 2013 power programming with VBA
Walkenbach, John
ITC HF5548.2 W35 2013

Excel data analysis: Your visual blueprint for analyzing data, charts, and PivotTables
McFedries, Paul
ITC HF5548.4.M523 M36 2013

Microsoft Excel 2010
Reding, Elizabeth & Wermers, Lynn
ITC HF5548.4.M523 R44 2011

Microsoft Office 2013 : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook et OneNote 2013 : maîtrisez les fonctions avancées de la suite Microsoft
Hervo, Corinne
ITC HF5548.4.M525 M53 2013

Office 2013: The missing manual
Conner, Nancy & MacDonald, Matthew
ITC HF5548.4.M525 C66 2013

Professional SharePoint 2007 records management development: Managing official records with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Holliday, John
ITC TK5105.875.I6 H65 2009

Programming Excel with VBA and .NET
Webb, Jeff & Saunders, Steve
ITC HF5548.4.M523 W43 2006

Statistical analysis: Microsoft Excel 2013
Carlberg, Conrad
ITC QA276.45.M53 C37 2014

VBA Excel 2013 : livre, programmez sous excel macros et langage VBA : vidéo, développez un ruban personnalisé
Amelot, Michèle & Duigou, Claude
ITC HF5548.4.M523 A54 2013


Basic statistics using SAS Enterprise Guide: A primer
Der, Geoff & Everitt, Brian
ITC HF5548.2 D47 2007

Carpenter's guide to innovative SAS techniques
Carpenter, Art
ITC QA276.4 C36 2012

Custom tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide using Microsoft .NET
Hemedinger, Chris
ITC QA276.4 H45 2013

Data quality for analytics using SAS
Svolba, Gerhard
ITC HF5548.2 S97 2012

A handbook of statistical analyses using SAS
Der, Geoff & Everitt, Brian
ITC QA276.4 D47 2009

Introduction to regular expressions in SAS
Windham, K. Matthew
ITC QA276.4 W56 2014

The little SAS book: A primer
Delwiche, Lora & Slaughter, Susan
ITC QA276.4 D45 2008

The little SAS book for Enterprise Guide 4.2
Slaughter, Susan & Delwiche, Lora
ITC QA276.4 S538 2010

Multiple imputation of missing data using SAS
Berglund, Patricia & Heeringa, Steven
ITC HA31.2 B37 2014

PROC TABULATE by example
Lake, Lauren Haworth & McKnight, Julie
ITC QA276.4 H39 2015

PROC TEMPLATE made easy: A guide for SAS users
Smith, Kevin
ITC QA276.4 S63 2013

SAS certification prep guide: Advanced programming for SAS 9
SAS Institute
ITC QA76.3 S265 2014  

SAS : introduction au décisionnel : méthode et maîtrise du langage
Ringuedé, Sébastien
ITC QA276.4 R582 2008

SAS : maîtriser SAS Base et SAS Macro, SAS 9.2 et versions antérieures
Kouomegni, Hélène Kontchou & Decourt, Olivier
ITC QA276.4 K55 2007

SAS statistics by example
Cody, Ron
ITC QA276.4 C52 2011

Statistical programming with SAS/IML software
Wicklin, Rick
ITC QA276.4 W51 2010

Text mining and analysis: Practical methods, examples, and case studies using SAS
Chakraborty, Goutam; Pagolu, Murali & Garla, Satish
ITC QA76.9.D343 C43 2013

The Red Gate guide to SQL server team-based development
Factor, Phil
ITC QA76.9.C55 S65 2010

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