Geographic products

Spatial information products - contain information about the location and shape of, and relationships among, geographic features.

  • Road network files: digital representation of Canada's national road network, containing information such as street name, type, direction and address ranges.
  • Boundary files: files that contain boundaries of standard geographic areas, along with shorelines and lakes.
  • Built-up area files: spatial data files for the built-up area of Canada's census metropolitan areas (CMAs) and census metropolitan area–ecosystems (CMA–Es), 1971, 1991, 2001 and 2011, along with the relevant boundary files and metadata.
  • Freshwater resource files: files containing information about Canada’s renewable freshwater, including the boundaries of Canada’s drainage regions.

Attribute information products - are tabular or textual data that describe the characteristics of a spatial entity or feature.

  • Postal code products: digital files which provide a correspondence between the Canada Post Corporation six character postal code and Statistics Canada’s standard geographical areas.
  • GeoSuite: a tool for data retrieval, query, and tabular output, that allows users to explore the links between all standard levels of geography and to obtain population and dwelling counts.
  • Interim List of Changes to Municipal Boundaries, Status, and Names: provides a summary of changes to municipal boundaries, status and names. The list is produced on an annual basis for changes that occurred during the previous year.
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