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  • Public use microdata: 71F0001X

    The demographic and labour market activity information that is in the Labour Market Activity Survey (LMAS) is now available on compact disk. The files contain all the important demographic variables such as province, age, sex, marital status, education, visible minority membership, disability and immigration status for 60,000 persons each year representing the Canadian population from 1986 to 1990. They contain information about the jobs people held: type of activity, schedules, wages, earnings, unionization, pension coverage, and self-employment. There is also information about unemployment spells, unpaid absences, training and schooling, sources of income and some family characteristics. Any of the variables can be combined with others to create a virtually unlimited number of tables for analysis.

    The three disks contain seven separate files and each file contains about 60,000 samples of individuals. Five different samples represent the annual populations, 1986 to 1990; one file contains 1986-87 two year histories for a sample of individuals, and a second file contains 1988-1990 three year histories for another sample of individuals.

    Release date: 1993-12-22

  • Public use microdata: 71M0014X

    This survey provides information on the activities of persons not presently active in the labour force. Information is provided on their past and future (planned) attachment to the labour force, current non-labour market activities and financial resources. Information about the school plans of youths who are neither working nor attending school and the circumstances surrounding retirement for those who retired earlier than planned are also included.

    Release date: 1993-05-19

  • Table: 71M0010X

    The objective of this survey is to:- measure the frequency and number of job changes occurring in the Canadian labour market over one-two-and three year periods;- provide information on the characteristics of jobs held (wage rates, usual work schedules, etc.);- identify groups of people who would benefit from EIC programs;- identify participants of specific EIC programs.

    Both cross-sectional (annual) files as well as longitudinal files are available as separate computer (main frame) tapes or together on a Compact Disk.

    Release date: 1993-03-04

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