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  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2004018

    This article examines the growth in pumpkin production and its relationship to the agro-tourism industry. Farmers now offer enticements to encourage tourists to visit their farms, including Halloween activities and bakery products. The article uses data from the 1986 and 2001 censuses.

    Release date: 2004-10-28

  • Articles and reports: 21-004-X20040036797

    In general, organic food in supermarkets tends to cost more compared with the same food grown in a non-organic fashion. Consumers may believe, as a result, that producers of organic food must be receiving more for their product than do their non-organic farming counterparts.

    Thus, the question begs to be asked: Are organic farmers able to charge more for their produce than non-organic producers? In other words, do organic producers receive a price premium? This is difficult to answer, as there is limited information on prices that farmers receive directly for their produce.

    Release date: 2004-03-31

  • Articles and reports: 11-010-X20040026798

    Most Canadians would probably be surprised to learn that floriculture receipts are closing in on wheat, finishing in 2002 only 20% below the $2.3 billion earned from wheat. This note documents the shift in farming towards floriculture and nursery products in recent years, including which provinces have driven their growth and why farmers find these crops more appealing.

    Release date: 2004-02-19

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Reference (15) (15 of 15 results)

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