National Household Survey

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The 2011 Census questions were published in the Canada Gazette on June 26, 2010. The census questions cover basic demographic characteristics such as age, sex, marital and common-law status, household relationships and mother tongue.  There is also a question asking for the consent of Canadians to release their personal census information to the National Archives after 92 years.

Information previously collected by the mandatory long-form census questionnaire will be collected as part of the new voluntary National Household Survey (NHS).

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The NHS questionnaire will include questions on:

The information collected in the NHS will provide data to support government programs directed at target populations.  Information from the NHS will also support provincial/territorial and local government planning and program delivery. For more information, see Reasons why the questions are asked.

We are counting on Canadians who receive this survey to recognize the importance of this information and to respond to the survey.

Questionnaires for this survey will be distributed approximately four weeks after the census. Approximately, 4.5 million households will receive the NHS questionnaire.

This is the first time Statistics Canada will conduct this voluntary survey. Statistics Canada will conduct and release the results of this survey applying the same methods and standards used for all of its surveys.

Following the 2006 Census release schedule, the first NHS data would be released early in 2013. Statistics Canada will try to follow this schedule. However, this is a new survey so there is some uncertainty as to the length of time required to certify the data prior to release.