Liste de tous les projets des CDR réalisés au cours des 12 derniers mois

Projets des CDR de juillet 2016 – juin 2017 inclusivement
Titre du contract Chercheur principal Enquête
Non-cognitive skills : How much do they matter for earnings in Canada ? Mohsen Bouaissa ELIA
Investigating the impact of meal patterns on dietary intakes of Canadians and on prevalence of obesity and non-communicable diseases over time Salma Hack ESCCC
The role of volunteering in facilitating the school-to-work transitions of youth in Canada Danielle Kathryn Lamb EJET
Mémoire de maîtrise étude du lien probable entre le petit poids du nouveau né et les fécondations in vitro: Analyse empirique Anne-Charlotte Latour SEC
Health, wealth, and happiness: Dynamics of families and a good old age? Joohong Min ESG
Nutrition chez les jeunes de 1 à 18 ans en 2015 Lise Dubois ESCC
Effect of social capital on the relationship between adversity and mental health Ian Richard Colman ELNEJ
Gender and sport concussion in Canada: Multivariate analyses of national survey data Keyera Valencia-Hinds ESCC
Environmental regulations, air pollution and infant mortality: Evidence from Ontario's coal phase-out Elham Adibnia Recensement, ENM, SEC
Childhood Abuse and Migraine Scott Patten ESCC
Examining marijuana use as a correlate of sedentary behaviour during leisure time in the Canadian Community Health Survey, 2011-2012 Zhiqiu Lin ESCC
The impact of retirement on mental health: Evidence from Canada Alyssa Drost ESCC, ENSP
Life course transitions in northern and rural communities David Jonathan Zarifa ELIA, FCCP+, FCCP, PEICA, EJET
Leisure-time and utilitarian walking of Canadians Nancy Annette Ross ESCC, Autre-Non-StatCan
The impact of retirement on mental health: Evidence from Canada Graham Dobbs EDM
Intergenerational transmission of family preferences -- From Italy to Canada Ravi Shankar Pendakur Recensement, ENM
Estimating rates of hip and knee replacement: A comparison between aboriginal  and non-aboriginal populations Lynn Lethbridge Recensement, BDCP
Disproportionality and disparity of urban black children receiving child protection services from an Anglophone agency in Québec Alicia Boatswain-Kyte Recensement, ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan
Inter-provincial employees in Canada: An initial exploration Kenneth Bruce Newbold Recensement, ENMC
Income averaging methods - Implications for equity and incentives Jean-Francois Wen EDTR
Health care cost in Canada, demographics, mobility and  predictors Casey Warman Recensement, BDCP
Addressing the needs of persons with episodic disabilities through workplace practices and income supports Donna Lero ECI
An economic analysis of crime recidivism in Canada: Evidence from the Integrated Criminal Court Survey data - Project 1: Duration of judicial trials and future criminal behaviour Decio Coviello EITJ
An economic analysis of crime recidivism in Canada: Evidence from the Integrated Criminal Court Survey data - Project 2: Can recidivism be predicted using machine learning? Decio Coviello EITJ
An economic analysis of crime recidivism in Canada: Evidence from the Integrated Criminal Court Survey data - Project 3: Causal effect of electronic monitoring devices Decio Coviello EITJ
Food intake and micronutrients status and the risk for chronic diseases in the Canadian population Brenda Leung ECMS
The determinants of post secondary education attainment and labour market outcomes of Canadian youth Jennafer Hartman EJET
Risk factors, trends and treatment for neurological conditions Tamara Chambers-Richards ESCC
The impact of economic well-being on the health of Canadians Barry M. R. Watson ESCC, ENSP
Part-time work types and employee well-being Victor Yelverton III Haines ELIA
Les déterminants socioéconomiques des changements dans la distribution des décès selon l’âge, le sexe et la cause au Canada Ginna Lorena Canon SCERCan
Demographic differences in sexually transmitted infection testing and human immunodeficiency virus testing in Canada Adrian Gee ESCC
When the good time bad times don't add up: Cumulative dynamics and poverty in Canada Charles Albert Plante ECR
Investigating the contribution of socio-economic factors to hospitalization for chronic disease using linked survey and hospital administrative data: A focus on immigrant and Indigenous populations Piotr Wilk Recensement, BDCP
Social class and hospitalization in Canada Jenny Godley Recensement, BDCP
Frailty in Canada's chronic kidney disease population Navdeep Tangri ECMS
Characteristics of advanced age ms and their children Theresa (Hae Min) Kim EJC
Evaluation of the apprenticeship grants program using the 2015 National Apprenticeship Survey Thomas Lang ENA
The spillover effects of top income inequality Joshua Gottlieb Recensement, ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan
Care-seeking for major depression in the Canadian Armed Forces Francios Theriault ESMFC
Les différentiels sociaux de fécondité pendant la période du baby-boom au Québec Cindy Flick Recensement, ESG 
Associations between income, acculturation, country of origin and type II diabetes among African immigrants to Ontario, Canada Girma Goshe ESCC
Accessibility to primary care: A cross-provincial comparative health policy analysis Nicole Herpai ESC
Comparing healthcare utilization and associated expenditures by clinical service type for indigenous and non-indigenous peoples living in Canada  from 2006 to 2009 Christina Hackett Recensement, BDCP
Income inequalities and potentially avoidable hospitalizations for chronic diseases in a context of universal health coverage Neeru Gupta Recensement, BDCP
Partnership for health system improvement for cancer control: Feasibility Geetanjali Datta Recensement, SCERCan, ENM
Mental health issue and happiness of Asian childbearing-age immigrated women: A cross section study in Newfoundland population Qianqian Li ESCC
Postsecondary education participation rates of youth by family income in 2006, 2011 and 2016 Youssef Boudribila Recensement, ENM
Clustering of health-related behaviours in the Canadian adult population and their association with cardiometabolic risk Natalie Diane Riediger ECMS
The effects of maternal alcohol use and smoking behaviour on children’s mental health Madeleine Benjamin ELNEJ
The association between body composition and lung function Ashley Rowe ECMS
The tenancy project Dylan Clarke Recensement, SCERCan, FCCP
The geographical anatomy of economic inequality in Canada Sébastien Breau Recensement, ENM
Masked instability? Trends in job tenure duration in Canada, the United States, and Europe Matissa N. Hollister EPA, Autre-Non-StatCan
Masked instability? Trends in job tenure duration in Canada, the United States, and Europe Xavier St-Denis EPA
The health gap of the Indigenous North: Understanding the differences in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations in northern Canada Rebecca Dafoe EAPA, ESCC
Changes in the health differentials between immigrants and natural-born Canadian citizens Fanol Alberto Balderrama ESCC
Labour Market in Resource Towns Jiayi Liu Recensement, Autre-Non-StatCan
Existence of labor market premium of being a Canadian citizen Ailin He EPA, Autre-Non-StatCan, FERP
Handgrip strength as a determinant of cardiometabolic risk factors in overweight and obese adolescents Martin Senechal ECMS, Autre-Non-StatCan
Medical comorbidity in adults with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome Anne Bassett ECMS, Autre-Non-StatCan
Exploring the determinants of parental discipline: The robustness of child characteristics Christine Hochbaum NLSCY
The relationship between food consumption, BMI and absenteeism Helen So (Lee) ESCC
Transition from non-standard to standard employment: Prospects for immigrants and  visible minorities. Rupa Banerjee EDTR
Comptes de transferts nationaux au Canada Julien Navaux ECR, FAMEX ESG, RMEM, EPA
What is the relationship between economic security and health for Canadians? Barry M. R. Watson NPHS
Provincial inequities of income-related informal caregiving Nicholas Quinn ESCC
Noise exposure and hearing problems among Canadian workers Laura Bogaert ECMS
The economic burden of unhealthy eating in Canada Paul Veugelers ESCC
Development of a needs-based planning model for substance use services and supports across Canada Brian Rush ESCC
Evaluating inequalities in social and behavioral determinants of health: A comparison of women living with HIV to expected general population values Mostafa Shokoohi ESCC
The time cost of children based on family structure: Evidence from a doubly robust treatment effects estimation model James Stutely ESG
Youth immigration & gender gap Vladimir Smiljanic Recensement
Changes in employer-sponsored health insurance for Canadian retirees between 2005 and 2014 Fiona Chan ESCC
Performance pay and wage inequality: An empirical analysis German Pupato EMTE
Prevalence of moral injury in Canadian Forces members deployed to Afghanistan Kevin Hansen ESMFC
An exploration of the relationship between social support and healthcare utilization for adult immigrants to Canada Naomi Levitz ESCC
Are self-reported changes in skill levels related to training and changes in labour market outcomes ? Gugsa Werkneh ELIA
Impact of the Colon Cancer Check Program in Ontario Geetanjali Datta ESCC, Recensement, ENM
Family dynamics and parenting Lisa Ann Strohschein ELNEJ
Validation of the CCHS-Annual Rapid Response on prescription non-adherence Michael Law ESCC
Long run occupational structure of British Columbia Roger Sugden Census, NHS 
Mortality Air pollution associations in low exposure environments Anders Erickson ESCC, CSERCan, Autre-Non-StatCan, FCCP+, FCCP
Les déterminants du don Nicolas Gagnon ECDBP, ESG, ENM
HPV vaccination in Canada: Trends in uptake, determinants and awareness Yelena Bird ECVNE
Welfare state restructuring, unemployment, and widening socioeconomic inequalities in health Faraz Vahid Shahidi ESCC, ECMS
University to work transition for Canadian bachelor degree in engineering program graduates class 2009/2010 Victoria Osten NGS
Impacts of social network type and size on new immigrants' early success Nabil Afodjo ELIC
Gender differentiation in child care time in Canada in cohabiting and married couples Dana Wray ESG
The impact of disability on earnings and labour force participation in Canada: Evidence from the 2012 Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) Arezou Zaresani ECI
Determinants of public support for supply management: A randomized survey experiment Ryan Cardwell EDM
Participation sociale des aînés autochtones et solidarités intergénérationnelles : Associations avec la santé et le bien-être des familles Chantal Viscogliosi EAPA, ESG
Interprovincial differences in enrollment rates in academic math Kelly E. Foley EJET
Wage effects of unionization and occupational licensing coverage in Canada: Longitudinal evidence from the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics Tingting Zhang EDTR
Obesity and employment paradigm Nazmi Sari ESCC, ENSP
Workplace performance consequences of pay dispersion: The roles of incentive systems coverage and external hiring Danielle (Dorice) van Jaarsveld EMTE
Using data from the linkage of the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada (LSIC) to the T1 Family Files (T1FF) to study the Long-term economic outcomes of Immigrants Abdie Kazemipur  ELIC
Why is work stress higher in Quebec than in  provinces? Golnaz Sedigh ESCC
The influence of union movement characteristics, and their evolution, on redistribution in the Canadian provinces since 1980 Rodney Stephen Haddow EPA, LMAS, EAS, EHT
The legacy of the Vietnamese refugee flow for the social and economic integration of children and adults Monica Boyd Recensement, ENM
Chosen Dataset: The Workplace and Employee Survey (WES) James Murray EMTE
Exploring the link between occupational stress and health: The role of preventative health behaviours and social and psychological resources Erica Carleton NPHS
Precarious employment in Ontario: A statistical portrait of women Meghan Edwards ECR, EPA 
Policing intimate partner violence in Canada Tina Hotton Mahony DUC
Investigating the effects of the great recession on Canada's unemployment with a multi-state model Lenin Arango-Castillo EDTR
Occurrence of rare cancers in Canada Faith Davis RCCC
Intimate partner violence directed at men: Characteristics, risk factors, and criminal justice system Alexandra Lysova ESG
Association between outdoor physical activity and the MHO phenotype Martin Senechal ECMS
The effect of education on labour market outcomes -- Evidence from the introduction of compulsory schooling laws Harry Krashinsky Recensement
Sexual behaviour and sexually transmitted infections Saberianranjbar Fatemeh ESCC, Recensement, ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan, FCCP+
Sport and physical activity levels in Canadian aboriginal populations Sam Stillie ESCC
Prevalence and characteristics of ms opting to circumcise their male children in Canada: Results from the Maternity Experiences Survey (MES) Peri Abdullah EEM
Suivi statistique des indicateurs de qualité de l’emploi appliqués au Québec et ailleurs au Canada Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve EPA 
Can government social assistance programs protect the health of society's most income-insecure? Arjumand Ara Begum Siddiqi ESCC, EDTR
Le paradoxe de la pénurie de main-d'oeuvre infirmière au Québec et la faible intensité du travail : Le rôle des institutions Ruolz Ariste EPA, Autre-Non-StatCan, PCCF
Applied microeconometrics Paul (Panayiotis) Contoyannis EAPA, ESCC, Recensement, ESG, EPA, ENM, ENSP
Religion, spirituality, secularity, and society in the Pacific Northwest Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme ECDBP, ESG, ENDBP
Voices of victims: Exploration of needs following multiple victimizations Jenniffer Olenewa ESG
The determinants of voting participation Harry Krashinsky Recensement, ENM
The legacy of the Vietnamese refugee flow for the social and economic integration of children and adults Monica Boyd Recensement, ENM
Self-employment in Canada: How are women faring? Kathleen Kenny Rybczynski Autre-Non-StatCan, ESF, EDTR
Mobilité géographique et intergénérationnelle au Canada Vincent Boucher ESG
Housing wealth effects on consumption in Canadian households Ailin He ECCF, FAMEX, Autre-Non-StatCan, ESF, EDM
Asset poverty among immigrants to Canada Nahid Sultana ELIC, ESF
Regional economic integration of immigrants in Canada Ather Akbari Recensement
Impact des facteurs socio-économiques et environnementaux sur le degré de gravité de l'infirmité Sana Raouafi EPLA
Family patrimony rules and women's labor supply in Quebec Yazhuo Pan Recensement, ESG, EPA 
Life course transitions in northern and rural communities David Jonathan Zarifa EAPA, ELIA, FCCP+, FCCP, PEICA, EJET
Punition physique et autres pratiques parentales: Prévalence, patrons d'utilisation et impacts auprès d'un échantillon représentatif d'enfants canadiens Sabrina Fréchette ELNEJ, EJC
Mobilité et trajectoires migratoires au Canada Charles Fleury BDLI
Lifelong inequality of first-generation students: Employment outcomes Megan McMaster PEICA
Caractérisation de la population issue de l'immigration et de leurs habitats de résidence Guillaume Marois Recensement, ENM
The emerging Aboriginal middle and upper class Michael Haan EEA, EAPA, Recensement, ENM
Determinants of sleep duration and quality among childbearing age women in Canada Lydi-Anne Vézina-Im ESCC, ECMS
Effet de l'âge relatif sur le diagnostic de TDAH et la consommation de psychostimulants chez les jeunes canadiens Marie-Christine Brault ELNEJ
Occupational mobility, task similarity and the business cycle in Canada Fraser Summerfield EPA , Autre-Non-StatCan
Local determinants of political engagement among Canadians Kathleen MacNabb ESG
Promoting civic engagement and academic achievement among immigrant and non-immigrant youth: The role of organized activities Tracy Ka Yee Wong ELNEJ
Economic incentives to promote participation in physical activity among Canadian children Nazmi Sari ESCC, ENSP
A robust statistical approach for estimation of usual absorbable iron intake distribution Ying Qi ESCC
The relationship between scheduling practices, working time, and job precarity Leah Faith Vosko ESG
Mapping dimensions of labour market insecurity in Ontario, 2016 Leah Faith Vosko ECR, EPA , EDTR
Determinants of cardiovascular health in the Canadian population Sarah Singh ESCC, ECMS
Mieux comprendre le rôle des caractéristiques socioéconomiques dans les inégalités sociales liées au tabagisme des jeunes adultes Thierry Gagné ENSP
Task specialization, wage, and immigrantion in Canada Shiyu Jiang Recensement, ENM
Work disincentive effects of social assistance program Qiongda Zhao BDASO, EDTR
Advanced topics in health economics Paul (Panayiotis) Contoyannis EAPA, ESCC, Recensement, EPA , ENM, ELNEJ
Social and economic experiences of Muslim immigrants in Canada Ivana Previsic Recensement, ESG, ENM
L'impact de l'intensité de la concurrence sur l'innovation au Canada Catherine Paul EMTE 
The impact of gender on political and civic engagement in rural and urban Atlantic Canada Emma Kay ESG
Life satisfaction and mood disorders in Canada Scott Patten EPMCC
How large are the economic returns to English-French bilingualism in New Brunswick? John Charles Herbert Emery Recensement, ENM
Adverse childhood experiences to current inequality: Understanding pathways, resilience, and interventions Jill Furzer ELNEJ
Social statistics in practice: An introduction Andrea M. Noack ECR, EDM
The effects of urban rail rapid transit station attributes on housing prices in Toronto and Vancouver Yasaman Eftekhari ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan
Évolution de l'espérance de vie sans incapacité chez les 45 ans et plus, selon le sexe, Canada, 1994-2010 Judith Lefebvre ESCC, Recensement, ENM, ENSP
Determinants of childhood asthma phenotypes Zhiwei Gao ELNEJ
Effects of traffic related air pollution exposure on new onset of asthma among children at different development stage Zhiwei Gao ELNEJ
Living SJ community indicator System: A pilot project James Ted McDonald ESCC, Recensement, ECDBP, ECAE, ESG, EPA, ENM, FCCP+, DUC
Cigarette smoking patterns and factors attributable to smoking behaviours among Canadian lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) populations John Moraros ESCC
Modelling the impact of changes in registered nurses' education requirements on regulated nurses' wages and labour supply Lady Josef Anne Bolongaita EFC, EDTR
Asthma in Canadian children and adults: trends in occurrence, asthma course trajectories and etiologic role of gestational diabetes mellitus Sharifa Nasreen ELNEJ, ENSP
Local demography, adolescent networks, and early adulthood outcomes Dennis Ma R, ELIA, ENM, ELNEJ, EJET
Multiple sclerosis treatment options and quality of life Khrisha Alphonsus EPPNC
Le genre du chômage: effets de perspective Stéphane Alexandre Moulin EPA , EDTR
Dental care use in Ontario: the Canadian Community Health Survey Christy Costanian ESCC
24-hour movement recommendations: patterns and correlates among Canadian children and youth Richard Larouche ECMS
The geography of being born too small or too soon: Spatio-temporal relationships with the outdoor environment Charlene Nielsen Autre-Non-StatCan, SEC
Relation dose-réponse entre l'activité physique objective et la santé mentale Paquito Bernard ECMS
The effect of charitable activity on Aboriginal and  fragile communities Michela Planatscher EEA, EAPAC2001, RE ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan, FCCP+, FCCP
Les immigrants au Canada et leurs intentions de migration secondaire vers les États-Unis Daniel Parent ELIC
A profile of canadian children with asthma living with participation and activity limitations Joshua Allan Lawson PALS
Role of insulin resistance in Canadian non-diabetic population Rabia Shahid ECMS
Spatio-temporal distribution of obesity in Canada Masud Rana ESCC, ECMS
Examining marijuana use and mental health and well-being outcomes in Canadian emerging adults Jillian Halladay ESCCC
Education, job search and re-employment outcomes among the unemployed Xueda Song EDTR
Comparisons of electricity usage data from an integrated pricing and customer feedback study with data from the households and the environment surveys, the surveys of household spending, the 2006, 2011 Census, and the 2011 National Household Survey Dean Mountain Recensement, EME, ENMC2011, Autre-Non-StatCan
The peaceable kingdom? Homicide in Canada Myrna Faye Dawson EHC
Estimating female labour supply responses to fiscal stimuli: Model validation using quasi-experimental methods Arezoo Banihashem Recensement
Prevalence and duration of overqualification in Quebec and in Canada: Evidence from the National Graduate Survey Amélie Groleau END, Autre-Non-StatCan
Understanding four central themes relating to PSE: Access, persistence, student experiences, and post-schooling outcomes Ross Finnie EJET
Pain and psychological distress: Social statuses and psycho-social resources as stress buffers Alex Elliot Bierman ENSP
O br how art thou: Propensity to report self-assessed unmet need Grant Gibson ESCC
The role of health policy on mental health care services use by Asian immigrant groups in Canada Natalie Thirakul ESCC
The cost of a case of cancer in New Brunswick James Ted McDonald RCC, SCERCan
Do immigrants and natives share a labour market? Iain Snoddy Recensement, ENM
Applying causal inference methods in the evaluation of the association between PM2.5 and cause-specific mortality in the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) Jonathan Huang SCERCan
The effects of school change on childrens long-term outcomes Zhe Yang ELNEJ
Relations entre le stress et les comportements liés à la santé chez les femmes canadiennes non Isabelle Sinclair ESCC
Les relations entre le stress psychosocial et les comportements liés à la santé chez les adultes Canadiens Myriane St-Pierre ESCC
Prevalence and risk factors of chronic respiratory diseases including asthma and COPD in adult Aboriginal peoples in Newfoundland and Labrador Zhiwei Gao EAPA
Suicide-dip effect in Canada: Holidays, sports and social integration Andrew Lee SEC
Prescription medication cost coverage and adherence Razan Amoud ESCC
Understanding the role of material, psychosocial and behavioural factors in the allostatic load – oral health relationship Noha Gomaa ECMS
Social isolation of  seniors - small area estimates Sasha Koba ESCC, ENMC
Exploring the interaction between early life protective factors and early life stressors on mental health outcomes Gabrielle Dupuis ELNEJ
La non-maternité chez les femmes québécoises issues du baby-boom : Perspective féministe des parcours de vie Emmanuelle Turcotte ESG
Measuring the rise of China on Canadian local labour markets Dylan Clarke Recensement, ENM
The effect of cultural continuity on aboriginal health Sarah Newell EAPA
Impact of subsidized child care on Inuit female labour force participation in Northern Quebec Jasmin Thomas EAPA, Recensement, ENM
Capital within immigrant families: A UK-Canada comparison Michael R. Smith ELNEJ
Le syndicalisme au Québec, enjeux de représentation des membres issu-e-s des minorités ethniques Maxime Larose EPA
Exploring the dynamics of accessing and delivering health care services among rural Indigenous peoples: A mixed methods study Arlanna Pugh ESCC
Measuring financial capability of Canadian low-income families and identifying its determinants Mohammad Khan ECCF
Comparing household greenhouse gas emissions across Canadian cities Sumeet Gulati Autre-Non-StatCan, EDM
The relationship between childhood problem behaviour stability and suicidality in adolescence in the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth Dylan Johnson ELNEJ
Residential mobility and child outcomes: The impact of childhood migration on the educational attainment and mental health outcomes of children in Canada Ashley Calhoun Recensement, ENM, ELNEJ, FCCP+
Tacking health inequalities and extending working lives (THRIVE) Cameron A. Mustard ESCC, ENSP
Th role of social determinants on the prevalence of conditions and quality of life outcomes of individuals vulnerable to acquire HIV in Canada (2011-2014): A cross-sectional analysis Vivieane Dias Lima ESCC
Social networks and career trajectories: A human ecology approach Marc-David Seidel ELIA, ELIC, ELNEJ
Impact of a child care subsidy on resource shares within household: Evidence from Quebec universal child care program Ricardo Meilman Lomaz Cohn FAMEX, EDM
Évolution des écarts de rémunération entre les sexes au Québec et comparaisons avec les autres provinces canadiennes Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve EPA
An international comparison of cognitive abilities of majority and minority groups: A comprehensive meta-analysis Chet Robie EIAAC1994, EIACA, ECLEUD
Santé mentale des minorités de langue officielle Louise Bouchard ESCC
Occupational prestige, stigma, and mental health care seeking Lyndsey Telega ESCC
How self-rated health is related to physical activity, sedentary time, and sleep: A compositional analysis Nicole Haywood ECMS, FCCP+
Exposure to parental psychopathology in childhood and risk of adolescent and young adulthood suicidal behavior Sarah Margaret Goodday ELNEJ
Returns to education and underemployment among young Canadians Danielle Kathryn Lamb EPA , END, ENMC2011
The importance of personality in the determination of long-term earnings Susan Bennet ELIA
Exploring the cumulative effects of familial IRS attendance in relation to psychological distress, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts among Aboriginal peoples living off-reserve Amy Bombay EAPA
Cell phone use and the risk of glioma: Are epidemiological findings consistent with Canadian trends? Paul Villeneuve RCC
Unequal opportunities and public policy: The impact of parental disability benefits on child post-secondary attendance Ke (Kelly) Chen ELNEJ
L'insertion économique des immigrants au Canada: Étude de la qualité de l’emploi en relation avec les trajectoires migratoires Mamadou Sow ELIC
Does the Health Utilities Index® mark 3 utility function for those rating a living state as worse than dead differ from those who do not? William John Furlong ESCC, ENSP
Valeurs biologiques de métaux, d'ignifuges et d'hormones thyroïdiennes et sexuelles chez un échantillon de la population générale canadienne comparable aux travailleurs du recyclage électronique Sabrina Gravel ECMS
Major depression and the persistence of alcohol use Kenneth Carl D'Arcy ENSP
National estimates of body mass index and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in Canada Amanda Jones ESCC1, ECMS, Autre-Non-StatCan, SEC
Conduct disorder among low-income children in Canada: A focus on childhood-onset conduct disorder Hepsi Swarna ELNEJ
Facteurs de risque et de protection de la dépression avec ou sans comportements suicidaires chez les jeunes Canadiens Lalou Tisseyre ELNEJ
Becoming a Canadian: Immigrant integration and the politics of national identity Zhen Zhao ESG, ELIC, Autre-Non-StatCan
Longitudinal effects of socioemotional competencies on educational and vocational outcomes Kateryna Keefer ELNEJ
Social change and the evolution of differences in mental health: Comparing past and present generations of Canadians Andreea Mogosanu ENSP
Facteurs de risque et de protection de la dépression avec ou sans comportements suicidaires chez les jeunes Canadiens Magdalena Lysenko EEA
Higher education and the mediation of the gender wage gap Anthony Jehn END
Émergence d'un nouveau rapport au travail dans les professions libérales ? Analyse dynamique des transformations du travail et des parcours de vie. Le cas des omnipraticiens au Québec. Charles Fleury Recensement, ENMC
Smoking behaviour and tobacco taxation Jeffrey Hicks ESCC, ECTAD, Autre-Non-StatCan, FCCP+, FCCP
Family dynamics, poverty and educational outcomes among Aboriginal Canadians Simona Bignami-Van Assche ELIA
Évaluation de la durée des études pour compléter un doctorat Diana Aris ETD
The effects of serum vitamin D on Canadian mental health and depression Filmer Chu ESCC, ECMS
The impact of minimum wages on the joint distribution of wages and employment James Townsend EPA, Autre-Non-StatCan
The effects of bicycle helmet laws on helmet use, bicycling behaviour, overall physical activity and role model effects: Quasi experimental evidence from Canada Casey Warman ESCC, ENSP, Autre-Non-StatCan
An case of welfare cycling? Exploring social assistance participation in London, Ontario Tracy Smith-Carrier BDASO
Language data in the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure Chad Gaffield Recensement
Mesures et déterminants des inégalités de revenu chez les peuples Autochtones du Canada Gérard Duhaime EAPA, Recensement, ENM
Comparaison de la santé mentale des adultes Canadiens et de leurs besoins de services en santé mentale non comblés de 2002 à 2012 Aline Drapeau ESCC
Lung function prediction equations for Canadian caucasian population using CHMS Cycles 1 to 3 Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan ECMS
Socioeconomic status and variation in laryngeal cancer stage at diagnosis and survival: A cross-country comparison James Ted McDonald RCC, ENMC2011, FCCP+, SEC
Labour markets in the US and Canada over the great recession: A comparative study Fabian Lange EPA
Positive functioning and emotional well-being among Canadian armed forces personnel with and without a child abuse history Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESCC, ESMFC
Childhood trauma and addiction and mental health outcomes in the NLSCY: Direct epigenetic effects or behavioral responses to compromised phenotypes? John Ziker ELNEJ
The relationship between obesity and work experience Saibiao Peng ESCC, ENSP
Exploring access to dental insurance and use of dental care among immigrants: Some insights from the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada Yujiro Sano ELIC
An examination of the co-occurrence and correlates of chronic pain and generalized anxiety disorder in the Canadian population Renée El-Gabalawy ESCC
Household food insecurity as a simple heuristic for mapping income and consumption poverty across Daniel James Dutton ESCC
The impact of Aboriginal health on their livelihoods in Canada Bruno Wichmann EAPA, ESCC, Autre-Non-StatCan
The effect of fruit and vegatable consumption and physical activity on the risk of glaucoma Ramanpreet Brar ENSP
The effects of gender and cultural diversity on economic prosperity of Canadian firms Anna Klimbovskaia EMTE
Analyzing variation in voter turnout across time and space Zachary Taylor Recensement
Étude comparative et différentielle de l'évolution d'indices de santé mentale présents dans l'Enquête sur la Santé dans les Collectivités Canadiennes (ESCC) volet santé mentale (2002 et 2012) : Le cas des adultes et des jeunes du Nouveau-Brunswick Jimmy Bourque ESCC
Information technology and innovation in Canada: Firm-level evidence Mahdiyeh Entezarkheir EMTE
Economic integration and remittance behaviour of immigrants in Canada: A micro-study Muhammad Murshed Chowdhury ELIC, EDTR
Understanding the gender gap in financial literacy: The role of confidence in financial matters Raquel Fonseca Benito ECCF
Dynamics of poverty: The effect of health and civil status shocks Raquel Fonseca Benito ELIA
Disability and workplace harassment and discrimination among Canadian public service employees Andrea M Jones SAFF
Déterminants de l'engagement linguistique des francophones en milieu minoritaire au Canada Dominique Pépin-Filion EVMLO
Physical activity and chronic back disorders in Canadian adults Brenna Lea Bath ESCC, ENSP
Import exposure and health status Lori J. Curtis ESCC, ESG, EPA, ENSP
Explaining educational achievement among Aboriginal individuals: How important is a culturally-relevant curriculum and social influences? Melanie O'Gorman EAPA
Evaluation of indicators for system performance measures in adolescent and young adult cancer care in Canada Charlene Susan Rae RCC, SEC
Residential sorting and neighbourhood fixed effects Andrea Nicole Craig Recensement, ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan
Assessing knowledge and use of Canada's food guide to healthy eating Adriana Mudryj ESCC
Comparing severity of alcohol problems and depression using two Alberta population surveys Jesse Jahrig ESCC
Mediating place and politics Daniel Silver ESG
Does the type of childcare services received during childhood significantly affect cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes? Jovanka Charbonneau ELNEJ
Unemployment, marginal attachment and labour force participation in Canada and the United States W. Craig Riddell EPA
The labour market outcomes of immigrants to Canada based on their post-secondary field of study Nicholas Manuel Recensement, ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan
From 'migrant' to 'citizen': The labour market integration of former caregivers in Canada Rupa Banerjee Autre-Non-StatCan, FERP
Cardiometabolic health and physical activity in South Asians immigrants in Canada Sukhleen Deol ESCC, ECMS
Human capital versus signaling, disentangling the sheepskin effect Xian Zhang Recensement, EPA, ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan, EDTR
Parcours professionnel atypique et passage à la retraite Jonathan Purenne ESG
Immigration inflows and the response of domestic labour supply Matthew Courchene EPA
Pathways to positive mental health: A comparison of combat exposed Canadian armed forces regular and reserve force members. Brigitte Phinney ESMFC
Homeownership among visible minority immigrant population in Canada Ather Akbari Recensement
The impact of child care costs on women labour supply in Canada Jovanka Charbonneau ECR, EDTR
Correlates of self-reported delinquency in Canada: A regional analysis of the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth Jason Penner ELNEJ
Les déterminants du faible revenu et du faible revenu persistant : Mise à jour Hélène Roberge ECR, EDTR
Accessibilité à l’enseignement postsecondaire des Autochtones au Canada: Déterminants contextuels, familiaux et individuels Halima Kerdine EAPA, Autre-Non-StatCan
Wind turbines and health in Ontario and Prince Edward Island (PEI) Nancy Krieger EBAS
Examining determinants and consequences of work injuries among older workers in Canada Peter Matthew Smith ESCC, ESG, ENSP
Gender differences in trauma exposure and the development of PTSD among Canadian military personnel Jitender Sareen ESMFC
The impact of embedded family role on entrepreneurial decisions Danielle (Dorice) van Jaarsveld ELIA
An examination of sexual minority men's gender-typed sport involvement: Exploring the role of gender atypicality and perceived support Lindsay Kalbfleisch ESCC
Nunavut Inuit labour force analysis Heidi Martin EAPA, Recensement, EFGN, ENM, PEICA
La dynamique de la pauvreté chez les aînés Canadiens Marc-André Tourangeau ELIA
The impact of various social post-settlement factors on Canadian immigrants' health: A consideration of ethnic neighbourhoods, ties, and involvement Tina Luu Ly ELIC
Long-term mental health outcomes of childhood hunger Lynn L. McIntyre ELNEJ
An investigation of the life quality of adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis in Canada Arezou Zaresani ECI, EPLA
Financial hardship and care-related out-of-pocket expenditures Karen Ann Duncan ESG
Assessing and describing the ability of a clinical tool to identify children with neurodevelopmental disability at a population-level Daniel James Dutton ELNEJ
Health Inequities and the Role of Culture: An investigation of Aboriginal health on- and off-reserve in Canada Katherine Ryan EAPA
Mental health outcomes and treatment seeking in CAF members at risk for moral injury Anthony Nazarov ESMFC
What are Atlantic Canadians' attitudes towards cultural differences? Kristie Smith ESG, ENM
Use of dental care services among recent immigrants: Evidence from the 2014 Canadian Community Health Survey Yujiro Sano ESCC
Poverty and dysglycemia in Canada's children and adolescents Jonathan McGavock ECMS
Comparative analysis of employment standards across contexts Leah Faith Vosko ESG, EPA, EDTR
Retirement age and mental health, health care consumption in Canada Zhaoxue Ci ESCC
The impact of dietary sodium reduction in the Canadian population Hena Qureshi ECMS

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