International Year of Statistics 2013

A message from Wayne R. Smith, Chief Statistician of Canada

Chief Statistician of Canada: Wayne R.Smith This year, on the occasion of the first International Year of Statistics, we are joining together with other Canadian and international statistical organizations to mark the contribution that statistics make to the success and progress of our societies.

Many aspects of our lives—big and small—are influenced by statistics. Statistics provide us with vital information to help monitor inflation, promote economic growth, plan cities and roads, adjust pensions, and decide on employment and social programs. They help businesses, governments and citizens make informed decisions. And they allow us to have informed debates about our collective futures and how to achieve our goals.

As Canada's trusted source of information since 1918, Statistics Canada has always focused on providing Canadians with accurate, objective, and reliable statistics. In doing so, the Agency delivers a comprehensive and accurate view of the economy and society.

That is precisely why the International Year of Statistics is so important. It gives every national statistical organization an additional opportunity to touch base with users, including business, the scientific community, educators and students, policy makers, and the general public. Celebrating the importance of statistics will perhaps inspire those who have not yet capitalized on the usefulness of the data, to do so. We hope it will also motivate our youth to gain a better understanding of statistics as a science, and encourage them to pursue this field as a profession.

This unique, year-long event is an occasion for us to recognize—at the national and the international levels—the indispensable contribution of statistics to democratic societies.


Wayne R. Smith
Chief Statistician of Canada