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Balance of payments

An example

Balance of payments items Fictive annual estimates
(millions of dollars)
Current account
Receipts 500,000
Goods and services 460,000
Investment income 35,000
Current transfers 5,000
Payments 475,000
Goods and services 400,000
Investment income 70,000
Current transfers 5,000
Balances 25,000
Goods and services 60,000
Investment income -35,000
Current transfers 0
Capital account 5,000
Financial account -25,000
Canadian assets, net flows -70,000
Canadian direct investment abroad -30,000
Portfolio investment -10,000
Other investment -30,000
Canadian liabilities, net flows 45,000
Foreign direct investment in Canada 10,000
Portfolio investment 20,000
Other investment 15,000
Total capital and financial accounts, net flow -20,000
Statistical discrepancy -5,000
In the capital and financial account, a minus sign denotes an outflow of capital resulting from an increase in claims on non-residents or a decrease in liabilities to non-residents.