Foreign control in manufacturing

In 2010, assets held by Canadian-controlled enterprises increased by 3.9%, while those held by foreign-controlled enterprises increased by less than one percent (0.7%). Manufacturing was the sector with the highest share of foreign-controlled assets at 53.0%, down from 53.8% in 2009.

Both Canadian- and foreign-controlled manufacturers showed revenue growth in 2010, with increases of 14.0% and 6.8% respectively. The larger revenue increases experienced by Canadian-controlled enterprises, in turn, caused the share of foreign-controlled revenues to drop to 48.9% of all manufacturing revenue. This was down from 50.5% the previous year.

Although Canadian-controlled manufacturers increased their profits by 54.9% to $17.8 billion, manufacturers under foreign control more than doubled their profits from the previous year, up 108.3% to $26.1 billion. Shares of manufacturing profits under foreign control rose from 33.6% to 40.5%, although still below the most commonly observed range of 50% to 55% since 1999.

Chart 23.3 Assets and revenues, manufacturing, 2010
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