Flu shot rates in Canada, 2015-2016

Release date: December 7, 2017
Infographic: Flu shot rates in Canada, 2015-2016
Description: Flu shot rates in Canada, 2015-2016

The flu (influenza virus) is a contagious respiratory infection. It is of higher-risk for those with weaker or compromised immune systems, pregnant women, infants or the elderly.

32% of Canadians aged 12+ got a flu shot in the past year

Women were more likely than men to get a flu shot:

  • Women: 36%
  • Men: 29%

Older Canadians more likely to get a flu shot:

  • Seniors aged 65 or older: 61%
  • Young adults aged 18 to 34: 20%
Flu shot rates in the past 12 months by province/territory
Province/territory Flu shot rate
Newfoundland and Labrador 29%
Prince Edward Island 37%
Nova Scotia 49%
New Brunswick 38%
Quebec 24%
Ontario 34%
Manitoba 31%
Saskatchewan 37%
Alberta 36%
British Columbia 34%
Yukon 32%
Northwest Territories 33%
Nunavut 29%

Why people did not get a flu shot:

  • 58% said they did not think it was necessary.
  • 14% said they were unsure or thought it would have no benefit.
  • 10% said they simply did not have the time.
  • 6% said they were fearful of the shot.

Source: Canadian Community Health Survey, 2015-2016

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