The Business & Community Newsletter – June 2017

The Business & Community Newsletter

Planting season has begun for many agricultural operations across Canada. To see what farmers planted last year and to get more dirt on the agricultural sector in Canada, check out the farm and farm operator data from the 2016 Census of Agriculture that were released May 10, 2017.

The June edition of the newsletter puts the spotlight on the 2016 Census of Agriculture with the latest Statistics Canada results and products on this topic.

Feature articles

Results from the 2016 Census of Agriculture

a mosaic of agriculture related imagesAgricultural data has been collected in Canada since 1666, with 2016 marking the 22nd Census of Agriculture since Confederation. The Census offers a comprehensive picture of the Canadian agricultural sector every five years. It tracks changes in crops and livestock, as well as advancements in farming methods and practices.

With 193,492 agricultural operations and 271,935 operators counted in 2016, there is plenty of data to dig up. More information on the farming sector in your community can be found conveniently through these products.

Canada level highlights

Did you know there were fewer farms in 2016, but the average size of a farm grew from 779 acres in 2011 to 820 in 2016? The Canada level highlights present a general overview of the key results from the 2016 Census of Agriculture. See how this dynamic and innovative sector has evolved between 2011 and 2016.

Provincial level highlights

From farm to table, Canadian agricultural operations grow a large variety of agricultural products. Read how farms, greenhouses, nurseries, sod producers, and beekeepers (to name a few) are doing in each of the provinces. Interested in how many farmers are producing organic products or utilizing direct marketing? Find that and more in the provincial highlights.


CANSIM tables are available for a wide range of farm and farm operator variables at national, provincial and sub-provincial levels. Learn how many agricultural operations and operators are in your region along with their age and sex. Curious about crops, livestock, fruits and berries, vegetables and greenhouse products in your region? This is your source.

Analytical articles

For a more in-depth look into individual segments of the agricultural sector consult the analytical articles that were published each week from May 17 to June 21. These articles make use of various sources of data to track trends in the agricultural sector and the reasons behind shifts in the sector. Analytical articles include a deeper look at the farm operator population, major commodity areas such as livestock, field crops and horticulture. The last two articles released address farm receipts, operating expenses and farm capital as well as innovation and technology.


A Portrait of Canadian Farms infographic thumbnailA picture is worth a thousand words. Our infographics provide a wealth of information.

Which province has the most agricultural operations in Canada? The first infographic release, A Portrait of Canadian Farms on May 17 has the answer and more.

Here is a list of the other infographics:

  • Livestock in Canada
  • Field crops in Canada
  • Horticulture in Canada
  • The Business of Agriculture
  • Direct Marketing in Canada
  • 150 years of Canadian Agriculture

Please visit Infographics to see more information on the agricultural sector in a quick and easy format.

Reference materials

Reference materials such as the Census Dictionary and the Overview of the Census of Agriculture are designed to help users make the most of census data.

For more information regarding the 2016 Census of Agriculture release dates and to access the 2016 complete Census of Agriculture product line, please visit 2016 Census of Agriculture on the Statistics Canada website.

Telling Canada's story in numbers

Canada 150 - Telling Canada's story in numbers

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation, we will be telling Canada's story in numbers, and there is quite a story to tell! Check out the details in Telling Canada's story in numbers.

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