This compendium was prepared within the framework of the International Statistical Fellowship Program (ISFP) under the general direction of Valérie Bizier, program manager, together with Kenza Bouchaara, its main author and publication coordinator.

Statistics Canada wishes to thank Global Affairs Canada, ISFP sponsor, for its financial contribution to the publication of this compendium. Without that funding, this project would not have been possible.

We also wish to acknowledge the hard work of many people at Statistics Canada, in particular the following:

Also, still at Statistics Canada, the following collaboration was important to complete the project: the support, contribution to content and feedback of experts in programs and subject-matter divisions; editing and translation provided by Communications Division's services; Norma Chhab-Alperin and Hew Gough for Spanish editing; and the web dissemination services provided by the Dissemination Division.

Lastly, it is important to mention the co-operation of external partners in enhancing the content of the compendium and ensuring its relevance, through the contribution of Paris 21 and the national statistical offices of the United Kingdom, Cape Verde, Senegal, Colombia and Ecuador.

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