Earnings are defined as the sum of T4-reported earnings (i.e., wages, salaries and commissions) and other employment income (such as tips and gratuities).
Tax filers with modest net self-employment incomes (less than $500 annually) were retained in the sample.
Readers should note that these are unadjusted averages, given that socio-economic characteristics, such as immigration status, marital status, years since retirement, and pre-retirement earnings, are not taken into account.
The median replacement rate is the mid-point of the distribution, with one-half of the sample having a replacement rate below the median and one-half of the sample having a replacement rate above it.
The median earnings replacement rate for RPP members in Q2 increases by one percentage point when calculated over 2005-2007 rather than for 2006, but changes are not evident in the other four quintiles.
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