In spite of much anecdotal evidence and some case studies regarding the size and characteristics of the inter-provincial workforce in Alberta, comprehensive statistics remain scarce. This is due in part to the many challenges faced in trying to enumerate a mobile population. Drawing on administrative data from several sources between 2003 and 2010, including T4 (Statement of Remuneration Paid) and T1 (General Tax Form) files, this report provides comprehensive information on inter-provincial employees in Alberta. The results show that the number of inter-provincial employees in Alberta nearly doubled over this period, reaching about 122,500 to 133,000 individuals, or about 5.7% to 6.2% of provincial employment, in 2008. In almost every year during the reference period, the number of inter-provincial employees in Alberta was considerably higher than the number of new residents moving to the province. Detailed estimates on socio-demographic characteristics of workers, cross-sectional and longitudinal employment patterns, earnings, and firm-specific workforces are presented.

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