Step 1
Identify the category of the product or service you want to cite

Identify the category of the product or sevice you want to cite from the menu below. See the glossary for definitions. Go to step 2 for the category that best describes your product or service.

If you already know the category, go directly to step 2.

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Click for a description of what each category includes:
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Census products

  • census reference products
  • census tables, graphs and maps
  • census analysis
  • census microdata
  • census boundary files

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Collection materials

  • surveys and statistical programs
  • questionnaires

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Conferences and workshops

  • proceedings or abstracts of a conference or workshop
  • sections or parts of a conference or workshop

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Custom and special tabulations

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Data products 

  • complete databases
  • tables and graphs

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Maps and geospatial products

  • maps
  • electronic mapping tools
  • cartographic boundary files

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Microdata products

  • public-use microdata files
  • synthetic files
  • master files
  • user guides

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Pages from Statistics Canada's website

  • primary web pages
  • secondary web pages

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Private communications

  • oral communications
  • written or visual communications

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  • books
  • chapters and sections
  • articles
  • analytical studies, technical papers and monographs
  • periodicals
  • series
  • co-editions

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The product I want to cite is not from Statistics Canada.

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