Appendix B
Culture and sport industries in the Culture Satellite Account, Canada, 2010

Appendix B Culture and sport industries in the Culture Satellite Account, Canada, 2010
Table summary
This table displays the results of Appendix B Culture and sport industries in the Culture Satellite Account. The information is grouped by IOIC Code (appearing as row headers), Input-Output industries (appearing as column headers).
IOIC Code Input-Output industries
BS323000 Printing and related support activities
BS332A00 Cutlery, hand tools and other fabricated metal product manufacturing
BS334A00 Other electronic product manufacturing
BS339900 Other miscellaneous manufacturing
BS414000 Personal and household goods wholesaler-distributors
BS416000 Building materials and supplies wholesaler-distributors
BS418000 Miscellaneous wholesaler-distributors
BS419000 Wholesale electronic markets, and agents and brokers
BS442000 Furniture and home furnishings stores
BS448000 Clothing and clothing accessories stores
BS451000 Sporting goods, hobby, book and musical instruments stores
BS453000 Miscellaneous stores retailers
BS511110 Newspaper publishers
BS5111A0 Periodical, book and directory publishers
BS511200 Software publishers
BS512130 Motion picture and video exhibition
BS5121A0 Motion picture and video industries (except exhibition)
BS512200 Sound recording industries
BS515100 Radio and television broadcasting
BS515200 Pay and specialty television
BS517000 Telecommunications
BS519000 Other information services
BS52A000 Financial investment services, funds and other financial vehicles
BS532A00 Renting and leasing services (except automotive equipment)
BS533000 Lessors of non-financial intangible assets (except copyrighted Works)
BS541300 Architectural, engineering and related services
BS541400 Specialized design services
BS541500 Computer systems design and related services
BS541800 Advertising, public relations, and related services
BS541900 Other professional, scientific and technical services
BS561A00 Facilities and other support services
BS610000 Educational services
BS71A000 Performing arts, spectator sport and related industries, and heritage institutions
BS812A00 Personal care services and other personal services
BS813000 Professional and similar organizations
GS611100 Elementary and secondary schools
GS611200 Community colleges and C.E.G.E.P.s
GS611300 Universities
GS611A00 Other educational services
GS911A00 Other federal government services
GS912000 Other provincial and territorial government services
GS913000 Other municipal government services
NP610000 Non-profit educational services
NP710000 Arts, entertainment and recreation
NP813A00 Grant-making, civic, and professional and similar organizations
NP999999 Other non-profit institutions serving households
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