Description for map 3.2
Greater Golden Horseshoe

The title of this map is Greater Golden Horseshoe. This map displays the outer boundary of the Greater Golden Horseshoe area of southern Ontario, outlined in purple. Within this area, three main sections are identified: outside the greenbelt (yellow), the greenbelt (green outline) and inside the greenbelt (red outline). Within the greenbelt area, four sub-areas are identified: the Niagara escarpment (light green), the Oak Ridges Moraine (dark green), protected countryside (pale green), and areas not classed (peach). Inside the greenbelt two sub-areas are identified: the 1971 settled area (pink) and the adjacent areas (light pink).

Several cities such as Toronto, Oshawa, Mississauga, Hamilton, Barrie, Peterborough, Guelph and others are noted on the map. The area outside the Greater Golden Horseshoe is white. Land areas outside of Canada are coloured pale grey. Water is coloured pale blue.

Note(s): The settled area boundary inside the greenbelt is derived from a special tabulation from the 1971 Census of Population. The greenbelt boundary is defined by the Government of Ontario's Greenbelt Act, 2005. The adjacent area identified here is the area between the 1971 settled area and the greenbelt.

Source(s): David Suzuki Foundation, 2013, Nature on the Edge, Natural Capital and Ontario's Growing Golden Horseshoe, (accessed August 13, 2013). Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, 2013, The Greenbelt Act, (accessed June 27, 2013). Statistics Canada, Environment Accounts and Statistics Division, 2013, special tabulation of data from the 1971 Census of Population.

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