New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick's employment rate rose to 59.2% in 2007, closing the gap with the national average to just 4.3 percentage points, the smallest difference in three decades. Employment in the province grew by 7,400 (+2.1%) in 2007, pushing the unemployment rate down 1.3 percentage points to 7.5%.

  • The province's largest employment increases in 2007 were in the goods-producing sector, almost half of them in construction. In the services-producing sector, gains in health care and social assistance and information, culture and recreation were partially offset by losses in business, building and other support services.

  • Since 1976, New Brunswick has had the largest increase in employment rates among women. In 2007, over half (56.2%) of women were working, compared with slightly more than a third (34.0%) in 1976. In spite of this, the employment rate among New Brunswick women is still 2.9 percentage points below the national average for women.

  • The unemployment rate in New Brunswick declined sharply in 2007 (-1.3 percentage points) to 7.5%, the lowest rate for the province in three decades. The participation rate was 64.0% in 2007, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous year, its highest level in more than 30 years.

Chart C.6
Employment rates in New Brunswick, 1976 to 2007

Chart C.6 Employment rates in New Brunswick, 1976 to 2007

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, CANSIM table 282-0002.

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