Nova Scotia

Employment growth slows in Nova Scotia

  • Although the employment rate in Nova Scotia has been below the national average for the past three decades, the gap has narrowed. In 2007, the province's employment rate reached a 32-year high of 58.6%, 4.9 percentage points less than the national average.

  • After employment decline by 1,300 in 2006, Nova Scotia more than offset the loss with an employment gain of 5,800 in 2007. The advance was observed in both the goods-producing sector, mainly in manufacturing, and the services-producing sector, with employment growth mainly in information, culture and recreation and in health care and social assistance.

  • Employment has grown an average of 1.4% a year since 1993, when the most recent upward trend in employment began. Since then, the province has enjoyed a total employment increase of 81,000.

  • Despite an increase in employment, the province's unemployment rate edged up to 8.0% in 2007, 0.1 percentage points above the 32-year low recorded in 2006, as more people were looking for work.

Chart C.5
Employment rates in Nova Scotia, 1976 to 2007

Chart C.5 Employment rates in Nova Scotia, 1976 to 2007

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, CANSIM table 282-0002.

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