Saskatchewan's employment rate at an all-time high for the fifth straight year

  • In 2007, employment increased by 2.1% in Saskatchewan, pushing the employment rate up to 66.8%, the highest level in three decades. The employment rate rose 8.6 percentage points from 1976 to 2007 and is now the second-highest in Canada. From 2002 to 2007, the average hourly wage climbed by an average of 3.7% a year, the second-fastest growth rate in the country after Alberta (+4.5%).

  • Employment in Saskatchewan continued to rise, a trend that began in 2002. From 2002 to 2007, job growth was concentrated in construction, trade, mining, oil and gas extraction; health care and social assistance; and professional, scientific and technical services.

  • Employment in agriculture has been declining since the early 1980s in Saskatchewan. Agriculture accounted for 25.3% of the province's employment in 1976, compared with just 8.7% in 2007. The job losses in the industry are partly due to higher agricultural productivity and better opportunities in other lines of work.

  • The unemployment rate in Saskatchewan averaged 4.2% in 2007, its lowest level since 1979. It was down 0.5 percentage points from 2006. The province has consistently had a lower unemployment rate than the national average and one of the lowest provincial rates.

Chart C.10
Employment rates in Saskatchewan, 1976 to 2007

Chart C.10 Employment rates in Saskatchewan, 1976 to 2007

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, CANSIM table 282-0002.

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