Employees in retail trade

Retail trade is dominated by employment in food and beverage stores

  • Since 1991, about one in four retail employees were in food and beverage stores. About 84% of those employees were in grocery stores, whereas the remainder were in specialty food stores or in beer, wine and liquor stores. In 2007, the number of workers in food and beverage stores increased 7.0% from the previous year, bringing employment to 504,400. This continued the upward trend that began in 1997, bringing the total increase since that time to 147,600 employees.

  • General merchandise stores continue to have the second-largest number of workers within retail trade. In 2007, employment remained almost unchanged at 224,000. However, that was 10.8% less than in 1991.

  • Clothing and clothing accessories stores had the third-largest number of retail trade employees in 2007, at 200,400. The 3.9% increase from 2006 was the third consecutive annual increase in employment.

Chart E.4
Employees in retail trade, 2007

Chart E.4 Employees in retail trade, 2007

Source: Statistics Canada, Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours, CANSIM table 281-0024.

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