Weekly earnings, by industry

Oil and gas extraction the highest-paid activity

  • Dividing the economy into two broad industry classes—goods-producing and services—reveals that the average weekly earnings of workers tend to be much higher in the goods-producing industry than in the services industry. In 2007, for example, average weekly earnings stood at $977 for employees in the goods-producing industry as a whole, compared with only $716 in services. The lower wages found in the services industry is due, in part, to the high incidence of part-time work associated with these jobs.

  • Among goods-producing sectors, two sectors had average earnings in excess of $1,000 per week in 2007, indicating an annual wage or salary above $52,000 (including overtime). The first sector was mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, where average weekly earnings were $1,409; oil and gas extraction workers, who are part of the sector, received $1,697. The second sector was utilities, which includes electric power generation, natural gas distribution, and water supply and sewage treatment industries, where workers made $1,127 weekly. In the manufacturing sector, wages varied, ranging from $1405 for motor vehicle manufacturing to $577 for the leather and allied product manufacturing.

  • In 2007, among service-producing sectors, the two highest-paying sectors were finance and insurance (weekly average of $998) and professional, scientific and technical services ($984). At the other end of the wage range, three service sectors had average weekly earnings under $500: accommodation and food services ($324); arts, entertainment and recreation ($454); and retail trade ($486). The low weekly wage in these sectors is a reflection of a high percentage of part-time work and, in some of the sectors, it is also a reflection of low hourly wages.

Chart J.6
Average weekly earnings, by industry, 2007

Chart J.6  Average weekly earnings, by industry, 2007

Source: Statistics Canada, Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours, CANSIM table 282-0027.

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