Employees doing some work at home

Close to one in four employees reported working at home

  • Almost one-quarter of all employees reported working at home on a regular basis in 2005, mostly in the form of unpaid overtime. Almost 6% of employees worked some or all of their regularly scheduled paid hours at home, while only 3% worked paid overtime at home. In contrast, 15.9% of workers took unpaid 'catch-up' work home with them. This unpaid overtime was concentrated among the more highly educated workers, many of whom were employed in managerial and professional occupations.

  • Unpaid overtime at home was most prevalent among employees in the education, health services and non-profit organizations (23.8%), followed by information and cultural industries (22.9%) and finance and insurance industries (18.6%).

  • The incidence of unpaid overtime at home performed in addition to regular hours was slightly higher for male than for female workers (17.6 % versus 14.3%).

  • Workers aged 25 years and over were more likely than young people to work at home. Across occupations, workers in managerial positions were the most likely to report working at home. And across industries, the most likely to do so were found in information and cultural industries, followed by education and health services, non-profit groups, business services, and finance and insurance.

Chart L.4
Percentage of employees doing some work at home, by occupation, 2005

Chart L.4  Percentage of employees doing some work at home, by occupation, 2005

Note: Some industries are excluded from the survey, such as public administration.
Source: Statistics Canada, 2005 Workplace and Employee Survey.

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