Multiple jobholding, by class of worker

Over two in five multiple-job holders are self-employed in at least one job

  • People are drawn to moonlighting for a number of financial and non-financial reasons, including the need or desire to supplement regular income, the enjoyment derived from a second job, and market demand.

  • People living in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta were more likely to moonlight. In 2007, 6.7% of workers in those provinces had at least two jobs, compared with the national average of 5.3%.

  • At the national level, the proportion of multiple-job holders was higher in many service industries, such as health care and social assistance (8.4%), educational services (7.9%) and information, culture and recreation (7.5%). In the goods-producing industries, the moonlighting rate was below average, at about 3.4% in most industries, with the exception of agriculture, where 7.5% of workers were multiple-job holders in 2007.

  • According to the 2006 Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics, workers' second jobs tended to be in agriculture; information, culture and recreation; and accommodation and food services.

  • In 2007, multiple-job holders were twice as likely as single-job holders to have a part-time job as their main job. A multiple-job holder who works part time is more likely to do so out of personal preference than a single-job holder. However, a multiple-job holder is also more likely to cite economic conditions or not being able to find full-time work as the reason for having a part-time job.

Chart L.2
Distribution of multiple jobholders, by class of worker in both jobs, 2007

Chart L.2  Distribution of multiple jobholders, by class of worker in both jobs, 2007

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey.

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