Education Indicators in Canada: Handbook for the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program
April 2014

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Education Indicators in Canada

Handbook for the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program
April 2014


This handbook updates the general descriptions for the indicators of the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program (PCEIP) as new sets of tables are released. It is a reference document that gives readers a broad understanding of each indicator, rather than the very specific methodological descriptions that would be necessary to reproduce the indicator using the raw data.

The PCEIP tables highlight the most recent data available for five broad indicator sets:

  1. A portrait of the school-age population
  2. Financing education systems
  3. Elementary and secondary education
  4. Postsecondary education
  5. Transitions and outcomes.

The following information forms the main body of the Handbook, and is presented for each of the PCEIP indicators:

  • A brief, general description.
  • The major concepts and definitions used.
  • An overview of the methodology.
  • A short review of any major data limitations, including interjurisdictional comparability as needed.
  • The data source(s) used to produce the indicator.

The relevant data tables are cited for the reader’s information.

An appendix that presents the structure of education and training in Canada concludes the Handbook.

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