Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective 2016
Acronyms and abbreviations

ASETS – Access and Support to Education and Training Survey
AUS – Australia
CAUBO – Canadian Association of University Business Officers
CEGEP – Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel
CESC – Canadian Education Statistics Council
CMEC – Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
DEU – Germany
EAG – Education at a Glance
ENG – England (United Kingdom)
ESES – Elementary-Secondary Education Survey
FEDEX – Survey of Federal Government Expenditures in Support of Education
FIN – Finland
FINCOL – Financial Statistics of Community Colleges and Vocational Schools
FIUC – Financial Information of Universities and Colleges Survey
FRA – France
GBR – Great Britain
GDP – gross domestic product
GED – general education diploma
ICT – information and communication technologies
ILO – International Labour Organisation
INAC – Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
INES – Indicators of Education Systems
ISCED – International Standard Classification of Education
ITA – Italy
JPN – Japan
KOR – Korea
LFS – Labour Force Survey
NEET – not in employment, not in education (or training)
NGS – National Graduates Survey
OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PCEIP – Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program
PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies
PISA – Programme for International Student Assessment
PPPs – purchasing power parities
PSIS – Postsecondary Student Information System
PS-TRE – problem solving in technology-rich environments
R&D – research and development
SLID – Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
SUFSB – Survey of Uniform Financial System – School Boards
UKM – United Kingdom
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UOE – UNESCO/OECD/Eurostat data collection
USA – United States

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