Health at a Glance

Each issue of Health at a Glance consists of a short non-technical article on topics that feature statistics from health-related surveys and administrative data.

November 2013

Breastfeeding trends in Canada

Linda Gionet

This article highlights the latest breastfeeding trends from the 2011-2012 Canadian Community Health Survey. It features the characteristics of mothers who breastfed and their reasons for stopping.

September 2013

Mental and substance use disorders in Canada

Caryn Pearson, Teresa Janz and Jennifer Ali

January 2013

Select health indicators of First Nations people living off reserve, Métis and Inuit

Linda Gionet and Shirin Roshanafshar

Vitamin D blood levels of Canadians

Teresa Janz and Caryn Pearson

July 2012

Suicide rates: An overview

Tanya Navaneelan

June 2012

Current smoking trends

Teresa Janz

December 2011

Cancer in Canada: Focus on Lung, Colorectal, Breast and Prostate

Tanya Navaneelan and Teresa Janz

June 2011

Injuries in Canada: Insights from the Canadian Community Health Survey

Jean-Michel Billette and Teresa Janz

April 2011

Disparities in life expectancy at birth

Lawson Greenberg and Claude Normandin

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