Description for chart 4
Homicide rates, by peer countries, 2012

The title of the graph is "Chart 4 Homicide rates, by peer countries, 2012 ."
This is a bar clustered chart.
This is a horizontal bar graph, so categories are on the vertical axis and values on the horizontal axis.
There are in total 17 categories in the vertical axis. The horizontal axis starts at 0 and ends at 5 with ticks every 0.5 points.
There are 1 series in this graph.
The horizontal axis is "rate per 100,000 population."
The vertical axis is "Country."
The title of series 1 is "Homicide rate."
The minimum value is 0.35 and it corresponds to "Japan1."
The maximum value is 4.67 and it corresponds to "United States1."

Data table for chart 4
  rate per 100,000 population
Japan1 0.35
Switzerland1 0.60
Denmark1 0.79
Germany1 0.81
Austria1 0.84
Sweden1 0.86
Netherlands3 0.87
Italy1 0.91
Ireland1 0.93
United Kingdom1,2 0.96
Australia1 1.08
France1 1.18
Canada 1.60
Belgium1 1.84
Finland1 2.15
Norway1 2.25
United States1 4.67
Figures reflect 2011 data.
Includes England and Wales.
Figures reflect 2010 data.
Statistics Canada and United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.
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