Description for chart 1
Provision of victim services, by type, direct and referred, Canada, 2011/2012

The title of the graph is "Chart 1 Provision of victim services, by type, direct and referred, Canada, 2011/2012."
This is a bar clustered chart.
This is a horizontal bar graph, so categories are on the vertical axis and values on the horizontal axis.
There are in total 10 categories in the vertical axis. The horizontal axis starts at 0 and ends at 120 with ticks every 20 points.
There are 2 series in this graph.
The horizontal axis is "percent of victim service providers."
The vertical axis is "Type of victim service."
The title of series 1 is " Referred."
The minimum value is 33 and it corresponds to "Participation-related1."
The maximum value is 92 and it corresponds to "Shelter-related."
The title of series 2 is " Direct."
The minimum value is 30 and it corresponds to "Restorative justice."
The maximum value is 98 and it corresponds to "Other3."

Data table for chart 1
  Referred Direct
Other3 66 98
Restorative justice 67 30
Counselling 89 47
Compensation-related 83 56
Shelter-related 92 59
Medical-related 75 64
Information2 73 89
Crisis-related 82 90
Participation-related1 33 90
Protection 89 92
Participation includes court accompaniment, assistance with victim impact statements and victim or witness preparation.
Information services include information on the criminal justice system as well as victim notification and legal information.
Other includes general information, emotional support, liaison with other agencies and public education.
Total exceeds 100% due to multiple responses. Where a respondent is reporting for multiple locations offering victim services, these are counted as individual victim service providers.
Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justics Statistics, Victim Services Survey, 2011/2012.
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