Victim services in Canada, 2011/2012: highlights

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  • Victim services in Canada were provided in 2011/2012 by a variety of organizations, with police-based services (36%) being the most common , followed by community-based services (24%). In addition, services were provided by sexual assault centres (14%), court-based providers (10%), Victim Crisis and Referral providers in Ontario (7%) and system-based services in other provinces (7%).
  • The majority of victim service providers offered protection (92%) and crisis (90%) services, as well as information to assist victims with the courts and justice system (89%) and support their participation in the system (90%).
  • Almost two-thirds of providers (64%) offered medical-related assistance and over half provided shelter-related services (59%) or assistance with compensation (56%).
  • Providers responding to the Victim Services Survey assisted almost 460,000 victims of crime over the year ending March 31, 2012.
  • On a given day (May 24, 2012), the survey respondents provided service to over 10,000 victims. Most of these were women (75%), and the majority of victims (80%) were victims of violence.
  • Of all the victims served on that day, 49% had previously received services from the same victim service provider.
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