Technical specifications

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Software formats

The 2006 Census Agricultural Regions Boundary Files are available for download from the Statistics Canada website in the following formats:

  • ArcInfo® shapefile format version 9.0
    File extension: .shp
  • MapInfo® format version 8.0
    File extension: .tab
  • Geography Markup Language (GML) version 2.1.2
    File extension: .gml

Installation instructions

The ArcInfo®, MapInfo® and GML files are compressed into WinZip® files (file extension .zip).

An additional template (.tem) file is included with the GML files for use with the Java Unified Mapping Platform (JUMP) free GIS data viewer.

The geographic area names in the CAR boundary files contain accented characters. These characters can be seen in UNIX and Windows® versions of ArcInfo® and MapInfo®. They were tested on desktop versions of ArcGIS® 9.0 and MapInfo® 8.0 and 8.5.

Geographic representation

The 2006 Census Agricultural Regions Boundary Files are available for free on the Statistics Canada website in the following geographic representation:

  • Datum:
  • Coordinates:
    Latitude / Longitude

To ensure calculations are relevant (e.g., to calculate land area), it is recommended that the latitude/longitude coordinates be transformed to an appropriate map projection.

File naming conventions

The conventions used are:

  • ArcInfo® shape file
    gcar000a07a_e.shp, gcar000b07a_e.shp
  • MapInfo® TAB file,
  • Geography Markup Language (GML) file
    gcar000a07g_e.gml, gcar000b07g_e.gml

where "g" refers to geographic representation, "car" indicates that it is the census agricultural regions file, "000" is the three digit code identifying it as a national file, "a" indicates it is a digital boundary file while "b" indicates it is a cartographic boundary file, "07" is the date stamp for the year of release, "m" or "a" or "g" indicates the software and "e" or "f" indicates the language of the file.

File names and sizes
empty cell  ARC/INFO® MapInfo® Geography Markup Language
File name Compressed file size (MB) File name Compressed file size (MB) File name Compressed file size (MB)
CAR digital boundary file gcar000a07a_e 7.63 gcar000a07m_e 4.46 gcar000a07g_e 10.03
CAR cartographic boundary file gcar000b07a_e 24.0 gcar000b07m_e 13.44 gcar000b07g_e 31.23

Record layout and item description

Census Agricultural Regions record layout:

The following table shows the format of the attributes contained on the boundary files.

Attribute name Data type Description
FID Object ID (4) Specific to ArcInfo®
Shape Geometry Specific to ArcInfo®
CARuid char (4) Uniquely identifies a census agricultural region (composed of the 2-digit province/territory code and the 2-digit census agricultural region code).
CARname char (50) The official census agricultural region name.
PRuid char (2) Uniquely identifies a province or territory.
AGuid char (9) Uniquely identifies any of the standard geographic areas disseminated by the Census of Agriculture (composed of the 2-digit province or territory code, the 2-digit census agricultural region code, the 2-digit census division code and the 3-digit census consolidated subdivision code).